really scared now my neck feels worse

Hi everyone hope your feeling well, im still getting neck discomfort it feels swollen but doesn't look swollen its sometimes a bit stiff it feels like theres something there that shouldn't be & i'm really worried,. its been plaguing me since september last year doc has checked it out & said its anxiety i went back & she did a brief examination & said it looks ok i've been back again to a different doctor and she's stuck me on a course of the good old antibiotics i think the next step is going to be an ENT specialist. Do you guys think its tension & anxiety?


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  • Hi cherib2012

    I have the same and I have had anxiety for about 2yrs now. Also get tight chest cannot take a deep satisfying breath and also dizziness so your not alone. Hope this helps xxxx

  • Thanks that really does help to know there is someone with the same symptoms as me & I think it probably is anxiety I also get the chest pain . Take care . Xx

  • Hi cherub, sorry your feeling so rubbish at the moment.

    Are you on any meds or have any other kind of support? I think the symptoms of anxiety can feel so unreal and so varied it gets very confusing! I felt like I had an obstruction in my throat, I lost my voice for a year, could barely talk above a whisper, I had every test possible and was told it was anxiety. During therapy my voice miraculously came back! It showed me that anxiety can do things to our bodies that are just unfathomable. It more than likely is anxiety but I'm not a doctor and if you feel it needs further investigation, certainly go and see a specialist......I did, and it put my mind at ease - enough to concentrate on therapy anyway:) try to be kind to yourself and I hope you're feeling a little better soon:)

    Sending love & light

    Eva x

  • Hi Eva thanks for replying. Im on pregabalin for anxiety & im also having counciling every 2 weeks which is helping it's just worrying me that I've had this throat/neck problem for nearly 6 month's now I know it can be anxiety i think i need the tests for reassurance . So terrible this anxiety. Thanks so much for your advice. Xx .

  • Hi cherub

    I know I suffer with my neck sometimes & it feels stiff & hurts & it is my anxiety because I am tensing the muscles & this can cause these feelings

    The antibiotics will get rid of any infection if there is any there & if it will give you peace of mind maybe ask if you can be referred to an ENT specialist

    I only say that because I thought I had a little lump on my neck once & I was always feeling it , you couldn't see it but I could feel it & it wasn't till I saw a specialist who it took him all his time to even feel what I was going on about that I then had peace of mind & now what I thought felt huge at one time seems to have disappeared & I think that is all down to getting peace of mind

    Only thing I have to remember is that once a specialist has said everything is fine to believe them ( can be a difficult one ) but like a friend once said to me , what is the point in going if you are not going to believe what they say & she did say to me as well which at the time I sulked a bit but she was right that they have been trained & been to medical school & I haven't , so they know better than me :-/

    Let us know how you get on :-)




  • I'm glad you've replied to me whywhy & I hope your head ache is better. I don't post very often but I do read through this site I've had lots of help off you & other member's & I thank you from the bottom of my heart . Enjoy the voice tonight . Love cherub xx .

  • Hi cherub

    Are you feeling any better , I hope so :-)

    I still have a niggle with this headache but I am hoping it goes away soon !

    Oh I really enjoyed the Voice tonight , it cheered me up & I needed it :-)

    Take Care


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