The shaking now getting worse feeling helpless

Hello everyone

Recently i have been suffering with the shakes when i get into bed one a night but now its starting to become 2/4 nights a week! I have been having good days, getting up in the morn and feeling good about myself and days it self as gone well. But its untill i get into bed my mind goes into overdrive and i start to shake! I posted a qustion a couple of weeks ago about shaking and follwed all your advice which was great, but its getting worse. :/ I do deep breaths, cut out caffine in afternoon and before bed time, also listened to music but takes ages to stop and clam down! Im now getting all worried about it. I did go to the doctors about a health proplem was to scared to say about the shaking :/! If anyone got some advice it would much appricated as im starting to feel low about it :( amy x


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  • Hi Amy

    Never be too scared to tell your GP about your symptoms, even if you think you are being a nusiance. The more you tell your GP the more they can help offer you the correct treatment and advice. I know about the mind going into overdrive mine does it frequently and often triggers of a panic attack for me. I have had the shakes and I have been in so much fear that my teeth have chattered like they do when you are cold. Do you know any breathing excerises?


  • Thankyou for the advice! :) my teeth are doing that! I know one which you breath in from the stomach then out?! Thanks again!'

  • Hi amy

    Bless you , it wont be anything serious love

    Once we notice something our brains start to focus in on it , then the more we focus in on it the more we start looking for it , even when we dont think we are

    Night times as well can be worse for lots of people

    Please ask your GP dont be scared there is nothing to be scared about , they wont think you are crazy , but they will put your mind at ease which is what I think you need to hear




  • Amziox 0 minutes agoDelete

    Hello thankyou for advice! I just feel a pain if i go back to the doctor :/ though! I wish i did tell her now :/! Yes i do i just want to stop shaking :(! Thankyou again


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  • Hello thankyou for advice! I just feel a pain if i go back to the doctor :/ though! I wish i did tell her now :/! Yes i do i just want to stop shaking :(! Thankyou again


  • You are not a pain , its their job which they get paid for , just say that to yourself

    Dont be afraid to go back if it will give you peace of mind

    Let us no how you go on




  • I feel like it! And i dont want to worry mum dad or my boyfriend as they dont know i shake a lot :/ i also get hot flush is that normal?! Thankyou

    For advice sorry if im a pain xxx

  • Hi Love

    Hope you got some sleep

    You are not a pain , please believe me not on here

    Hot flushes are very normal indeed , most of us suffer with this , even men on here , its the anxiety

    I notice you said you dont want 2 bother your mum & bf

    I am a mum have a 32 year old , 26 & 18 & i can assure you if any of them were having any kind of difficulties , I would want to no , I would be devesated if they didnt tell me , I am their Mum & thats what Mums are here for , she wont see it as you worring her , what worries us most sometimes is when we can see things are not all right , yet you dont say , think about having a chat with your her , I bet she would be a great support

    Then your bf , my son is 18 , he is going out with a girl that has no confidence , she told him about it & he has supported her & in 7 months she has totally changed ...she says it has been a huge help with having his support , that is what has helped her , she is so different now to when he first met her , so I no she is glad she told him

    Maybe your bf would inderstand if you told him & be supportive to ...think about it

    Mean while you have all us on here ..& dont forget you are never a pain ;)




  • Hello hun

    I got some sleep thankyou! :) aah right thankyou so much for yout advice! I will speak to my mum tomorrow when i spend some time her as your advice has realised i do need to talk to her. Im so pleased to hear that your son girlfriend got a lot of confidence now! So good to fe you come a long way!

    My bf is supportive in a lot of way and has helped me a lot but i get all nevours when we do stay over at one another i worry that i am going to shake! And when i do start to shake i feel like i want to be alone :/! Thankyou so much for your support! Hope your okay?

    Love xx

  • I am sure you bf would just want to comfort you , he will think nothing of it , as he loves you just the way you are

    Its great news to hear you are going to speak to your mum , let us no how you go on , I am sure she will be supportive

    One of my daughters called in to see me today as she knows I have been feeling a bit down , so Mums & daughters are there for each other , she even told me as I worry about my eyes that I am beautiful to them & always will be I no your mum will want to help , if she is like me she will feel proud that you feel you can confide in her




  • Hello

    My bf has been a great comfort passed two days as i felt due to health issues i boke down and told him now i felt! Its felt some weight been lifted off my shoulders! I didnt have the chance to tell my mum, but i pleased to tell my boyfriend! But i thought ill let you know! I did get a good last sleep though but tonight i just feel wide awake! Love xxx

  • Thats lovely your bf is been so good , it will be a big help

    May be next time you will feel like telling your mum

    Sometimes that happens its time to sleep & all of a sudden we feel wide awake , dont lie there trying to force yourself , read or something till you feel tired & you will eventually

    Thanks for letting me no , how you are , keep us updated & use the site hun when you feel like you need support




  • Hi Amy

    A breathing exercise I do which my therapist taught me is breath in for the count of four then hold for the count of four then breath out for the count of four then hold for the count of four.and do this for about a minute or two. It helps me a lot. Keep practicing this and make sure you tell your GP everything you are worried about concerning your physical and mental wellbeing. They have heard it all before and the main thing is they are then better equiped to advise you. But anxiety defininately cause trembling in me so I dont think you have anything to worry about.

    Dimitri x

  • Ah thats great i shall try that in a moment then do you breath all the way in?! Well i shall go back on monday thankyou i havnt told my mum dad or boyfriend though thys what im worrying about?! I heard a lot of bad reports with the tablets the doctors give you x

  • Hi Amy

    Yes breath in as you would normally breath when you are relaxed but count to four then stop for the count of four then exhale for the count of four then hold for the count of four. So while you are breathing breath as you would when you are relaxed except you are counting to four. For my depression and anxiety I have chosen not to take any tablets and am trying to deal with it in therapy which seems to be helping. I know people who have taken meds and they help too, but you have a choice they cant force you to take the medication, but for now I wouldnt worry about that see what your doctor suggests first. Why are you worried about telling your mum and boyfriend, it might help you if they can be supportive of you!

  • Hello i shall try using your brething advice thankyou! And once again thankyou for yout advice i am going to talk to my mum tomorrow! :) x

  • I thought the same as you about meds from the doctor, but since mine prescribed some beta blockers for me my shakes have stopped, don't know if it's just mind over matter but personally i would recommend them x

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