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I just feel we all fuel eachothers anxiety, maybe if there were people that beat the anxiety and gave us hope. But reading all these stories and reading my own posts in the past month makes me feel worse and more sad. I went the whole day not researching anxiety and went about my business living normal finally and felt decent today. It wasn't until I checked the site I was reminded of this living hell we all live in. Maybe if we try to accept the anxiety and try to live as normal as possible all these sensations and worry will go away? I have been miserable for almost 2 months. Today I went out, went for a haircut, took the long way home driving (which I didn't do I would fly home to my "safe zone") I went to see a friend, then came home and cleaned up and thats something I haven't done in 2 months because I would never leave my bed smh. I feel we fuel the anxiety by researching and looking for reassurance everyday looking for a magic cure. The sensations suck but I feel we can try to beat them. If we take a break maybe for the weekend and come back Monday and let each other know how it went. I'm gonna try not to Google, come on this site and not research anxiety this whole weekend and see how I feel. The little break I took today helped a bit for me... Sometimes we read each others posts and find new symptoms then our minds start adopting another persons symptoms smh anxiety is the devil and I hate it. But we have to fight back, its like a stupid bully!

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Hope4TheBest107, I will admit it is disheartening to read about the number of people suffering with anxiety symptoms daily. It can be just as bad as Googling. However, there are also a number of us who have more than beat anxiety. The idea is Acceptance. You are absolutely correct in taking a break from the forum for the weekend. Push your comfort zone and enjoy life. Giving into anxiety can make us stuck in a vicious cycle of fear. I'm glad you did a few things you hadn't enjoyed for a while. Doing positive reinforcement instead of negativity plays a big part in getting better. Have a great weekend and let us know on Monday if it made a difference. My best.


good luck hope for the best; great to see you doing things!

This group has done the opposite for me. I have been so sick for so long that i have do little research stayed off the internet and had nobody like me to talk to. I have tried to beat it on my own but it hasnt gone away. This site has made me feel better to know that i am not alone there are people out there that i can relate too. I dont feel so alone now. I dont know how much you get online but taking a break may be what you need. I do hope you feel better. take care

Hello hopeforthebesr07

Yes I can relate to what you are saying x but I have suffered with anxiety since last March 2016 and I found this site and sometimes it nice to know your not alone with this problem of anxiety x but I have come through this by trying to think positive and getting through it x I am 95% better than I have been x I've tried to get back my everyday life as I didn't want to go back to work x but I forced myself to and done it x yes it was hard but got there and ok now with it x it's just making that first step x and gotta tell this anxiety to bugger off as we don't have time for it and need to get your life back on track x it's not easy x but this anxiety must not get to rule your body x so don't be hard in yourself x as people on this site all need help and you maybe one if the people that can be of that help with your outcome and proove to others that it can be done some how hope you have a good weekend and let me now how you are x take care x


Hi,if you feel better not reading the posts on here then take some time away from it. You can always come back if you feel you need too. Often people get some comfort on here just knowing it's not only them suffering this way. On a positive note try use the experience in a positive way by posting things that help you to manage some doing that your showing it's not all negative all the time.

I can understand. The site makes me feel better knowing I can reach out. What i did do is take myself off of Facebook for a while. 4 days Facebook free. Too many people's stuff up in my head. I may go back, but right now I know I can do without.

Where your focus goes, your mind will follow.

Agora1 in reply to skyraknight

Love that saying...

Did suggest to admin that when you open site you should be able to chose between ongoing problems vs letters of hope.

Then it is up to you!

I think it may be great idea to leave the site, at least as a trial. You can always come back to it whenever you need to talk to people that understand more what you are going through than others. Most frequently we tend to focus on what's wrong and that's unfortunately a human nature. Understanding of common symptoms of anxiety and how it is affecting people is essential, however, to promote healing you must focus on health, not the illness. Just thinking about it will not help. We must do. We must do things that promote an abundance of health. By doing things we provoke our mind to refocus and we have to power to choose what we do. We can choose to clean up our diet. We can choose what we do with our day, where we work, who we interact with, what we watch, what we listen to, etc. The key is to overload your mind with wholesome goodness. It's not going to happen over night but likely you will have the best chance to revolve. You can practice deep breathing abd meditation to calm, clean, and reprogram your mind. Yes, it may seem like work but now your working very hard on convincing yourself that this anxiety may never leave. But it will. You just have to sort of live your life opposite of what it has been. The are countless of ways to do it. Actually so much you may not have enough time to do them all. To me, anxiety is not an illness but rather a very loud alarm bell to start living life to your ultimate potential.

Again, you can always come back to this forum anytime but your realization that more you focus on anxiety the worst you feel us likely a right one.

I just want to say something...I felt the same way as you did about fueling my anxiety by being on this site; however, that really wasn't the case. This site helped me get through some tough times and the people on here offer so much support when family members simply don't have a clue what you are going through. Don't be afraid to get on here, but when you do just offer help to those that suffer as you do! I had bad anxiety, but for seven months things have been great! I have to say this site helped me! Hang in there it does get better!!!

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