Anxiety and throwing up... can't take this anymore

For those of you who care please help me out. These are the previous 2 threads I posted based on what happened last week:

And now this horrible event happened today which I'm about to describe. Today was my first day of my first full time ever work. It was orientation all day. We had to sit in a lecture room and listen to all these presentations. The room wasn't big and there were only 8 of us sitting down and listening to the presentation. For some reason, I got really anxious ALL OF A SUDDEN and it came to my stomach, I couldn't take it anymore and had to leave the room while the lady was mid-presenting and as I was walking to the bathroom I felt so dizzy and lightheaded I thought I was gonna faint and fall down on the ground. I somehow made it to the bathroom door yet I couldn't spot the doorknob becuase thats how dizzy and blurry everything looked. So I rushed in to the toilet and just slammed on the ground on my knees. I didn't care if there was piss all over the floor, I couldn't stand. I didn't even realize that the toilet was right in front of me for a moment(thats how out of it I was) but then I eventually spotted the toilet(which was right infront of my face the whole time) and threw up there. After throwing up, everything went back to normal. I returned to my orientation and had lunch with no problems. This event made me realize that I can no longer go to public places where I experience something new. So I'm tempted to avoid all public places that can make me throw up again. This was just horrible. Just typing this and remembering of what happened makes me feel very scared. What can I do now at this point.... my social life is completely ruined as of today... sigh whats the point of living anymore

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  • Hi Heruga, So sorry your day went so poorly for you. That acid is just churning away in your stomach. What did you have before you went to work? Did you take a acid suppressing pill? That is what I think your problem is. Plus you need a pill to relax you. I take xanax. Something to relax you and the acid pill should help you out a lot. I don't remember what medication you take. Did you eat before you went? Ruby🌹

  • I take all natural herbal digestion pills that I got from my accupuncturist every morning, afternoon, and evening and I also take sertraline 50 mg every night. I ate 2 slices of melon and thats it. And I vomited but nothing came out btw. Which is weird because I had a lot of meat last night and haven't gone to the bathroom since then until I threw up.

    What can I do at this point and see immediate effects.. do I have to start going to therapy?

  • I'm not a Dr., Heruga. I'm just giving you my opinion. Can you tell me what the acupuncturist gave you? How long have you been taking them? Do they help you at all? 🌼🌼

  • He gave me digestion pills made out of herbs, thats all I know. But my girlfriend works in the office and the acupuncturist is her boss so he is very trusting. I've been taking it for a week and as far as my stomach goes, I haven't had any problems but my anxiety induced sudden nausea and dizziness occasionally comes back

  • Hi Herugo, How you making out with your new job? Hope your stomach has settled down. Ruby🌹

  • It has been good. I completed my first week and I love the job and my co workers. No nausea or anxiety while working. At least not yet...

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