I can't take it anymore!

I have had this anxiety for 6 months and once I was able to cure myself and get back to my old life. I faced my fears. But suddenly 2 months ago everything started all over again when I was alone! The shortness of breath, heart palpitations and chest pain. Those three symptoms really scare the hell out of me! And they are there all the time and this causes me to panic! The more I feel the symptoms, the more I feel panicked. I can't stay alone because of this, I feel like a sudden heart attack is waiting for me. I can't turn my brain off! The bad thoughts always in my brain. I know all this in my head and try to think good things (and I must stay when I do this, I feel relieved and some of them go) but they come back out of the blue. I feel vulnerable. I'm so sad all the the time. I feel like something's wrong with my body can't convince myself that all because of anxiety. This goes on and on and I know that this is a vicious cycle. I have recently tried to face my fear again but this time the symptoms are so adamant and won't go away no matter what I do. Please give me some advice. I try to distract myself like watching movies or something and it works but only temporary. The symptoms are so real, affect my life so bad and scare me even though I say myself that there is nothing to be scared of.


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11 Replies

  • Hi yes the symtoms are scary but always try n tell yourself that it is the anexity

    Trying to take ur mind off it is a good thing coz whilst ever ur concentrating on something else ur not thinking the worst of ur symtoms

    I try n say if something bad is going to happen it would av happened by now

    Also try writing dwn how you feel n the symptoms ur getting

    Try a relaxation app or tape again it works temporary bit really does relax u

    I never realised how tense my body was till I did the relaxation app on my phone

    They do affect ur life do these symptoms as you seem to loose all energy levels in you're body

    Also aim for small goals at a time this will also help u achieve where u want to get to !!!!

    N yes it is hard to turn ur brain off but if you try to change ur way of thinking then it will change you

    Hope this helps

    Kirsty xx

  • Thank you Kirsty.

  • I was recently like this! Really scared to be alone. I hated being awake last after my husband went to sleep. I had been dealing with It for months. I also had beat anxiety years ago so I felt frustrated that it was back. Over the past week or so whenever I get a symptom no matter what it is like nausea, I think... I'm going to have the best damn nausea anyone can have! Shortness of breath, I think.... I'm going to have the best damn shortness of breath anyone can have!! Body feeling heavy, I'm going to have the best damn heavy feeling anyone can have!! Im sure you get my gist.

    I've been practicing accepting anxiety. Not just saying it but actually living with it without fear. Whenever I say that im going to have the best damn ever whatever it is I laugh because it's funny but then I allow myself to have the best damn whatever and it passes so fast and I move on with my day.

    Hope this helps


  • What exactly do you mean by palpitations? Like fast heart rate or fluuters or skipped beats?

  • It's like fast heart rate. Like it's gonna explode and causes me to panic and makes me think that something's wrong with my heart.

  • I get the flutters and skipped beats and that is why I worry so much, but my doc said that fast heart rate indicates anxiety :) Even if you go to the er with chest pains they do an ecg on you and say "because of your heart rate we assume you suffer from anxiety" Don't worry. My normal heart rate is just about 60 and when I am at rest it's around 50 which means the heart is perfect and it doesn't face any difficulty pumping blood. But when I panic it gets above 120.

  • That's the exact story of my thoughts too. Thank you for this answer. Now I feel much better because it naturally worries me like I'm gonna have a heart attack and drop dead. I was thinking see a cardiologist. When I went to the ER, they told me it was anxiety too. You have put my mind at ease. Thank you so much.

  • I had 7-8 ecgs, 2 holter monitors, xray and numerous docs listened to my heart for murmurs, lots and lots of blood tests and it was all clear. I fear that I have a disease that will kill me or weaken my heart to the point where I will just drop dead. But facts are I have some really good days with no symptoms and in those days I have no problem doing thing that will make me feel bad if I had the symptoms. Though it might be worrying it is anxiety. If you need someone to talk to drop me a message (if you need reassurance or something) Never start taking beta blockers that will be prescribed to you at some point, you'll see, cause later you will worry more about the effect they have on your heart even if they calm the palpitations.

  • Hi,

    Im really so sorry to hear about your panic attacks, this must be unbearable.

    I know its hard as when they appear you cant always remember helpful techniques as there is so much going on , but have you tried breathing excercises? Inhaling whilst counting to 7 then exhaling and counting to 11 may help, sometimes i do this.

    Where do you normally get them? Do you mostly get them at home? Maybe going for a walk or cycle may help if you feel you are going in to an anxious mood as this way you can think more clearly in an act of prevention.

    Do things get worse at night? If so, you may find it useful to listen to classical music in bed to help to soothe all of the running thoughts in your mind.

    I wish you all of the very best of luck with conquering these nasty panic attacks, i know you can do it :)

  • Thank you so much for this helpful and caring reply. I usually get them at home especially if I'm alone or in a place where I know no one but I have found some techniques that make not worry, contrary happy. I woke up at 3 a.m. for the first time yesterday and I listened to my heart beat but the good thing is I didn't panic and my beating slowly decreased, I felt an enormous relief. I hope I will never have to experience such thing like that again. I try to consume fruits that contain serotonin like banana and kiwi. But when the symptoms come out of the blue, I listen to music, watch something funny, talk to someone I know or go out for walks to calm and not panic and that way the symptoms go away on their own.

  • Hi,

    I'm so glad to hear i helped, it sounds like you had an awful night you poor thing. I have heard another good food to eat is fish, however I don't know how true this is or if it effects anything but someone mentioned to me that tinned tuna ( not any other tinned fish) doesn't contain omega 3 and im not sure if this effects the seretonin production.

    Its nice to hear the other things which have helped you in the past, I hope they continue to work for you. I really hope you don't get anymore of these terrible panic attacks, all of the very best of luck for the future, I know you can get through this ^^

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