Nausea caused by anxiety when eating... need advice desperately

This problem first happened to me around 10 years ago when I was 13. And now its coming back. Now I am afraid of throwing up in public and eating in public too. Yesterday I met a friend of mine for breakfast that I hadn't seen for almost a year. Before meeting her though, I was constantly worried that something bad might happen and maybe throw up while eating. And it really happened. After like 3 bites of my pancake I had to run to the bathroom while we were in the middle of talking and I threw up a lot. Now I'm traumatized and get nauseous everytime I eat. Even when I was just eating dinner now at home, I got slightly nauseous. My biggest fear is that if I keep getting nauseous when I eat, I will eventually stop eating and die from hunger. It makes me very nervous and shaky just by thinking of going out with somebody to a restaurant...

Now fyi, I see my psychiatrist regularly and he prescribes me sertraline 50 mg. I first started taking it 5 years ago I think for 200 mg.


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  • Hi Heruga, I think from what I understand, it could be acid reflux. When we are anxious, our stomach is producing more acid. Then to top it off, barely eating, you just have that acid churning around in your stomach. I have been doing a lot of reading about this, as I have no appetite. My nerves are also bad.Get yourself some pepcid and take one when you wake up. Ruby🌹

  • Thanks. I've actually looked up the symptoms of acid reflux but I don't get any sour taste in my mouth as it states. So you have acid reflux too?

  • There's such a thing as silent reflux. Also what I'm saying, is your anxiety is causing acid in your stomach, making you nauseous.Give them a try. When do do start your job? I believe that is why I feel nauseous and no appetite. I'm going to try them too. Ruby 😀😀

  • I am starting tomorrow. I'm actually not really nervous because this is a job that I've always wanted to do and have a passion on. I've also been taking herbal digestion pills for the past couple days. They are great since they are all natural and have no chemicals in it. Still have to wait and see how effective it is

  • I've had this problem too I am currently in my second round of it except I don't actually throw up but I get nauseous and can hardly eat so I understand what your going through

    I have been prescribed a medication called fastab and it works most of the time

    I hope you get better soon 👍

  • Thank you :) do you have this problem when eating at home too?

  • That's a good question for you. Do you have your problem when at home,Heruga ?

  • Not at home, just in public

  • Yeh

  • I experience this too quite regularly, I never actually throw up but feel so nauseous I have to stop eating even though my belly feels hungry! I too let it get the better of me and often skip meals but the hunger just makes me feel worse - my gp said that it is excess stomach acid due to anxiety as discussed in the posts above - once I accepted this and got out of my head that I don't have pancreatic cancer or something else bizarre that I convince myself I have it has made eating a little easier. Try meals Little and often.

    Hope you feel better soon! Know that you're not alone.

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