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Can't take anymore

I'm sick of my mom brushing me off when I tell her something is wrong. I try to talk to her and explain whats going on or bothering me and all she says is you need to stop your a hypochondriac. I'm sick of her not believing me. I have been experiencing random throat pains for at least over a year and all she says is I get that too when I know she doesn't she's only saying that to make me feel better about it. It feels like a pressure and sharp pain in my throat its been like this constantly for the past few days when normally it would just come and go. I just need an answer I'm scared of whats going on with me and I hate it I hate living like this. ;(

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Hi... Ok your in a tough spot ......Why not go and see a Doc about your throat . I have no clue as to your relationship with Moms..... but I`d try and let that slide..... Try not to attach too much meaning behind what yer mother thinks.... You`re in charge... Unless your under 16..... Ok.... so just go and get the throat thing checked out... good luck steve


Thanks steve. I have been to the doctor at first i had tonsillitis but the pain is still here so I went she said post nasal drip but i dnt really see how that can cause pain. This is why my mom doesnt believe me its very frustrating.


Have you been seen by a doctor?

I used to tell my mom "if you don't want to constantly here me be a hypochondriac humor me, you'll hear less of me :) " and in a way it helped my hypochondriac way subside for about 9 years and recently I'm dealing with it again although this time my husband is getting that saying and so far he has been taking it in strides.

Just tell her to try and see it through ur eyes.

As for the throat thing it could be postnatal drip it can cause a whole lot of uncomfortable feelings in your throat and chest.

Try honey with lemon, if you are not allergic of course.

Hope this helped :)




Thank you. Yes I have been seen by a doctor twice.


Hi Chey921, I googled 'sharp stabbing pain in throat' and came up with:


Postherpetic neuralgia and trigeminal neuralgia are the two most common forms of neuralgia. A related but less common neuralgia affects the glossopharyngeal nerve, which provides feeling to the throat.


Increased sensitivity of the skin along the path of the damaged nerve, so that any touch or pressure is felt as pain

Numbness along the path of the nerve

In the same location each episode

Sharp, stabbing



Thank you


You're welcome Chey, hope you're feeling a little better. I think it is worth googling symptoms to establish if physical or mental cause, as you could be anxious but also have physical problems. Doctor's seldom have time (or as much concern about us as we have for ourselves) so worth having some info to ask them their opinion on and to offer us tests to establish cause, whether the doctor believes or not that we have the condition. They shouldn't be so arrogant to dismiss symptoms without doing some tests.


Hi honey try and persevere with your mum babes,she probably don't understand what the reason for your panic or what it's all about especially if she hasn't been through it herself glad u got yourself checked out DON'T DR Google!!!! Because it makes you worse when you have what we have,

Babes you have health anxiety disorder like a lot of us do.

I get a pain I'm convinced I'm dying it's bloody horrible and people who don't suffer Don't understand it must be hard for your mum to watch her baby suffer, when my mum was alive it upset her to see me this way too

You are not alone babes we are all here you can message me anytime

Natzsteveo@gmail.com or email me hope you feel better soon xxx

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Thank you its just hard because it seems like I have a new symptom everyday im going crazy I want to feel normal again


It seems to me we have similar moms only she doesn't call me a hypochondriac as she knows it will pot,colour,black as she is one herself. I was told by my older siblings that my mom had it written on the front of her Drs notes.

My Mom smokes a lot and if she goes to the Drs I ask how it went it would be the Dr said

" that is the worst case of An eye infection he had ever seen,he said I caught it just in time as it could have made me lose some vision.

He asked me if I wanted to go over the hospital and be monitored but I said with my life I wouldn't be able to go in I have too much on my plate"

When she got back from the Drs and had told us all about it,it would be " this medication should only be given by a nurse in the hospital" that's how bad I am.

Then months after I would have a stye on my eye complain about it and she would say it's nowhere near like mine was ,imagine yours but a hundred times worse.

Wish I only had a stye look yours never got that red or swollen.

I would bite my tongue leave the room ASAP. The strange thing is whatever I have had she has only worse. I can understand how you feel,all you want is a hug or an understanding voice to tell you you will be better soon

Thank you if you read all of this, the thing is though it's only one example

Best wishes



Thank you Michelle its very hard going through this


Chey921 it is so hard for you,I am paranoid if people are talking quiet by me I think they are talking about my weight,I also have a catheter fitted and it's never disguised how ever you try,I also walk with a stick bad days in a wheelchair.

Not too long back my dad broke my heart,he said I use my catheter like a trophy and I should feel disgusted with it.

He said all I ever talk about is my medication and my difficulties and it's boring no one needs to know and most of them don't listen.

I could go on Chey an on.

You can't help the way we feel because if we could we would all smile.

People are also ignorant and have not got a clue,you try and explain how you feel and why then you get it's a shame,you are only young aswell?

If only we were all strong enough to write a book about feelings no one can see and how people say we are weird or gone in the head,

all because they have never had to deal with these feelings and they also question belief or is it a great pass time us lucky ones posses for attention.

We will have our day one day,what goes around comes around ,you are you,unique, and without doubt better than the majority

Plod on along and even just talking about it ,it helps,I even manage a laugh sometimes even if it's on me!

Take care



OH MY GOD. I am so so sorry to hear about this. I must say. This has brought tears to my eyes. It hurts me VERY BADLY to know that this situation is going on. To know somebody is experiencing this. THIS IS TRUE TORTURE. I know it is. Let me say, that this is unacceptable behavior from your mother. The fact that your throat pain has b been going on like this tells me that something IS TRUELY WRONG and I don't like talking like this toward parents who should be thereto hear their children who should be making sure that when something like this happens, SOMETHING IS WRONG THAT IS CAUSING THis to HAPPEN. I really think that you should talk to somebody a friend who you trust, or somebody else who knows you well and who can help you, because This is not right for her to just shrug this off when you have specifically SAID THAT YOU ARE EXPERIENCING DISCOMFORT!! Please keep us updated. I really feel sickened by this. BY WHAT IS GOING ON. I KNOW THAT THIS IS A VERY VERY BAD FEELING WHEN THIS HAPPENS! It is truely a nightmare. GOD BLESS YOU!


Hey I'm sorry your suffering I've got something very similar to you. For the last 14 months now I've been suffering with throat discomfort on the left side & it goes up towards my ear it's a little bit swollen & I also get a feeling of pressure. Went to doctor's he said it's my anxiety I went back a few months later because there was no improvement. I went to hospital to see a ENT specialist who put a camera down to find nothing. I'm still suffering with it now so I paid to go private to be checked out again as the doctor said they couldn't offer me anymore treatment. I'm now waiting to go for an MRI scan as I feel that's the only way to put my mind at rest I just hope there's nothing found & it's stress & anxiety causing this horrible discomfortable.

Take care.


Thanks for sharing your situation I had a ct scan done, blood taken multiple times, thyroid ultrasound done found nothing so thats good news just not sure why I have this discomfort from time to time


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