Fear of throwing up/stomach ache in public

How do I deal with this :/ I first had this problem 10 years ago and couldn't go out to eat, let alone walk in crowded places but eventually it went away with some therapy and my own effort of forcing myself to eat at restaurants. But lately I've been having stomach issues and they're inconsistent. Sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn't. I can't even tell if its from anxiety or if I really have an issue with my stomach. Today I went out for breakfast with my girlfriend's cousin and after only taking 2 bites of pancake I had to run to the bathroom and I threw up. Before meeting her, I was actually worried about throwing up too... and it really happened. Can't tell if it was food poisoning from yesterday or just anxiety or me only getting 2 hours of sleep last night on top of that I'm not a huge breakfast eater.. After today I think I've traumatized myself from eating out in public... next weekend, my friends are hosting a party of 20 people for my friend's birthday but I don't think I want to go anymore after today..especially since its in the city and I hate cities and crowded places

Gahhh what do I do


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2 Replies

  • I have this same issue. I have ptsd from throwing up in public when I was young. I have a massive phobia of throwing up. I'm guessing you made your self throw up because you were telling yourself you would. When I have bad panic attacks I actually dry heave because Im convinced I'm sick and will throw up but it's all in my head. I actually don't eat much even at home because I think no matter what I will throw up. It's the worst when nausea is a symptom of anxiety attacks. It's also ocd thinking which I learned about it a treatment I went to. If it happened before and you see signs from the last time you think it will happen again. And it also feels just alittle different each time so I think I'm going to throw up and it's not just anxiety. I could go on and on with these issues lol but it's terrible and just gotta do your best to not going into every situation telling yourself you will throw up. Hope I could help alittle or at least you know I can really relate! It's terrible, just had a 3 hour panic attack middle of the night. Good luck!

  • I have the same fear, & winter is very anxiety provoking for me because of the constant reports in the media about norovirus. I always hated throwing up as a kid, mainly because I couldn`t understand why it was happening, but when I caught a stomach bug at the age of 10 & threw up at school, my classmates made fun of me. That was the last straw!

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