Living with this horible mental ilness

Im 48 years old and i experiance depersonalization at 7 my mind is just wondering i dont feel reall i cant reconize myself when i look in the mirror i feel like a walking zombie everthing look strange like im in another world my body dont feel like its mind i feel as if my brain left my body and other feelings i cant disscibe im trying to fight it but its hard i dont feel like the person i used to be im questioning myself well who am i i act normall but im going a lot with this disorder never felt like this in my entire life can some one please help me im leaving my number to talk 9293773340


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10 Replies

  • Whatsapp?

  • So how long has this been going on for?

    If it's just a few hours then it's probably worth waiting to see if it settles in a day or two.

    Otherwise contact your doctor.

    Ps which country are you in?

  • This is been going on for years theirs no cure for it

  • Presumably you have been given a diagnosis.

    What have the doctors told you?

    Are you on medication?

    I'm happy to chat but am in the uk and your number is not uk

  • On medication but its not working i have major depression and depersonlazation

  • I can empathise.

    Which country are you in?

  • Newyork

  • Newyork

  • Ah. Not so easy then

  • I to suffer from this, it's very scary. I found a website called Calm and Courageous which has a great article on depersonalisation/derealisation. Has helped me a great deal.

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