So I am lost on if it's POTS or what, my one doctor brought up dumping symdrome

So I'm lost on what I have, I have a tilt table test scheduled and do believe I have very mild POTS but I really wonder about this tachycardia after eating..... Its only when I stand after eating and usually stays up for 5 hours and starts 30 mins to an hour after I eat, a doctor I spoke to about this said this sounds like dumping symdrome and that POTS doesn't do this. He said if anything your heart rate drops with POTS when eating and raises when changing positions, when I read the symptoms of dumping symdrome it's exactly everything I have to a T!!!! But one problem, I haven't had any surgery on my stomach but that's exactly What I have!!!! I am lost. May bring this up to my doctor.


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    So it's not just you! Try eating little and often and keeping a food diary to see what foods make it worse?

  • Thank you, I am toying around with it to figure out what it is. I stopped the beta blocker because I want to see what is causing this to give people answers. Doctors look at me like I'm crazy but I proved it to them,

    What I have noticed so far that is key, the betblockers work but but but but not when I eat.....

    I eat and my heart still races regardless if I took the beta blocker or not, A1c is normal along with my surgar levels, everything checks out with my heart, I've had echo, stress test, 6 ekgs, blood work, 24 hour monitor, chest x rays, and all clear..... The docs are all stumped, What I have concluded on my own, What ever this is, may not be a cardiac issue but a issue with my digestive track, it's not my heart racing due to a cardiac issue but a response of my heart to something in my stomach....... And to me that is key and the first big step pointing me in the direction I need to go and a cardiologist said they agreed with me on that because they have never seen this before.

    GI Doctor appointment coming up.

  • The Doctors say I'm above average on intelligence and asked how I knew so much about medicine, I was going to college originally to be a MD and wanted to practice internal medicine with a emphasise on figuring out rare diseases, I was a medic in the army and seen so many people get hurt, sick, and die, that I said to hell with medicine and went back toward history and anthropology, but this is bringing my intrest back.

  • Mine too Armyguy, my paramedics was suppose to lead to Physician's Assistant, but at the time I would have had to move out of state in order to take over a small practice. Once you have lived in Chicago all your life, I couldn't picture myself in a small town. But I am, like you, very interested in anything medical. I know they will get down to the bottom of this. Wishing you some calm in your life.

  • I think checking your urinary catecholamines would be a good idea - I don't think it is that, but it is something I would like to rule out just in case.

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