Not Feeling Well at all Blehh

So I posted the other day about how one of my neck glands on the right side were swollen,

And it freaked me out because I made the mistake of using Google to diagnose myself, "Searches came back with cancer and some other crazy shit"

I ended up calling a doctor and he told me I'll be fine, but if I develop a fever or a bad cough or something to call back or schedule an appointment,

I Fell asleep pretty well last night after eating some chicken noodle soup, and woke up in the middle of the night coughing up phlegm, I felt better when I woke up but now I feel like...

You know when you're sick and you start to feel really drained, weak, and your eye sockets kind of just feel sore and you ache all over, Well that's exactly how I feel.

It's messed up because I felt perfect just two days ago before I threw a pre 4th party,

All I did was take a few shots and smoke a little, then woke up feeling like shit.

Blehhh, I really hope I feel better, this is probably one of the worst possible times for me to get sick,

on the 4th of july :/

Well wish me the best people

- Tabuu


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  • First of all, that side of your neck has lymph nodes. Their purpose is to heal you and are strategically all over your body. They can become agitated when fixing Any illness even a rash or a cold,allergies . It sounds like the lymph node is getting rid of toxins. So they're

    just fixing you up.;)

    I know I thought *same* thing before.. I think you'll be OK:). I hope you feel btr:'3

  • Thank you sooooo much, you just helped me feel 10x better literally.

    I feel like shit right now but if it gets worse I'll go see a doctor. (:

  • It really sounds like you've just caught a bug. A cold or a flu. You're probably at the stage where your body is fighting hard not to have it progress to full on sickness—although if it does it will probably be a relief for you becasue you know a cold or virus is nothing to worry about (interestingly once I do actually get a cold or flu it's one of the only times I don't feel anxious at all—even if being sick does suck).

    I found I would develop a cold after I drank becasue the body was probably fighting it off before hand and then getting drunk or overdoing exercise just pushed it over the edge and allowed me to fully catch whatever virus was going around.

    Also you are more inclined to catch something after being social with a big group of people becasue it exposes you to other people germs! I'm not a germaphobe at all but after periods where my anxiety kept me at home and isolated I could count on picking something up as soon as I was back at work or around people again!

    Take it really easy and just allow your body to get well!

  • Thank you so much, I feel like dookie, I took some Advil and I'm wrapped up in a hoodie right now drinking gatorade and eating some soup, Hopefully I feel better soon, And interesting enough. No anxiety but Google can sure make you trip out when they make you believe you have cancer or something.

  • Every thing will be ok.

    You talked with the doc.

    Be positive.i know its hard.but belive me its good for you.

    Dont pay to much attantion to your body. If you have anxiety and deprsion your body is stressed and thats why it goes like that.

    Eat well.drink well. Do walking or jogging. Make sure you sleep well

  • Thank you so much, I feel generally weak and sore all over currently but I just went shopping for groceries so some soup and gatorade are helping a little, Hopefully I'll feel better soon, Thank You . ! (:

  • Been there man, i know its a hard thing to do when your caught in the habit but you need to stop googling symptoms that was the habit that got my anxiety out Of control and weed only made me more obsessive.

  • EXACTLY, See you understand completely, and yeah even one of my girl friends told me not to look up symptoms on google because they'll give you the worst possible diagnosis ever.

    I hate feeling sick but the only good thing is that when you're sick your body gets a little stronger and remembers the virus/cold/infection

  • Yea it is never fun, but mostly you can be sure that it is nothing serious, i was an obsessive googler which lead me to believe i was seriously ill, it got so bad and caused me to get panic attacks a lot and i have now been battling derealisation since the beginning of this year, my point is that it can easily get out of hand, almost always when you google you find the most serious diseases you think applies to you.

  • I suffer from derealization also and that can really fuck with you at times, sometimes almost worst than anxiety,

  • How long have you had it then?

  • I've been dealing with derealization since I was about 17-18 around the time I used to Trip on LSD and stuff like that, no hardcore drugs just a few psychedelics but yeah I've been to the spiritual side of reality a few times so it's easy for me to tend to feel I'm not real or connected to my body or whatever at times, my anxiety is worse than the derealization though,

    I panic over small things and over think causing me to think worse and make myself feel worse.

  • do you have it constantly?

  • got mine after several panic attacks due to really bad health anxiety

  • Not really, Only suffer from derealization badly when I'm too stoned, At that point I feel like I'm looking at my body from an outer perspective, And like I'm watching myself do what I do,

    For me it's just like I overthink the smallest situations, things and create future possibilities that don't even exist, so I spend the entire time freaking out thinking I have pneumonia cancer when it's really just a regular cold or something.

  • Yep got mine derealisation from ongoing health anxiety that went out of hand, i thought i had ms, a brain tumor, lyme disease then i went over to stomach cancer, lung cancer and when it really snapped i was convinced i had prostate cancer and was convinced i was dying and when symptoms subsided i found a lump in my mouth wich apparently was just a normal mouth sore, i googled obsessively about these things probably like 6-7 hours a day, and then came more panic that eventually lead to constant derealisation. I used to smoke weed and tried drugs a long time ago but i feel that this is definitly anxiety related.

  • Yeaaaaah exactly bro I know what you mean, you're just like I am with this shit, When it's something simple our minds want to believe it's something worse so it creates a false reality,

    The false reality gets mixed up with what is actually real and drives you into a downward spiral of panic,

    I know how that shit can be and it really takes a toll on you emotionally and physically ,

  • Its exactly that! i think the root cause is still that we are ambitious and feel that if we die before we fulfill our ambitions it has all gone to waste so we obsessively try to stay alive causing even more problems for us, still isn't it hard to let it all go? we summon bullshit problems from nothing and know it but still cannot stop it

  • That is very common among anxiety sufferers. I get one symptom and look it up. Like my ear pain the other day was this infection that can lead to your brain and cause brain abcess. I was freaking out that my brain was going to get the infection and my head started hurting. I don't even have an infection though.

  • yeah exactly, and it's pretty fucked how one thought can lead to you feeling like complete shit and make you feel 10x worse than you already did,

    I'm just trying to relax right now and not freak myself out, I just don't like being sick in general :/

    wish me luck though & I hope you feel better yourself (:

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