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Endless Fear

Hey, back again with me :(

This anxiety is killing me, like 9 months ago i had a panic attack (you can see on my previous post about what I've been through) and now it's on again, for like 3 months ago I was very anxious about having Multiple Scelorosis because i had jelly legs and muscle weakness, i went to at least 2 neurologists but they refused to do further test to me, because i passed the basic tests very good! So they said it's anxiety that i just need to relax and trust myself that I'm fine . And then i got sick i went to internist and he said it's my acid reflux messing up with me (I've been diagnosed with acid reflux for 4 years) , and then just like a week ago i had a very bad eat pattern that i already think this would be a problem for my acid reflux and yeah i started to feel so weak and nausea and all the acid reflux symptoms! And then finally i was browsing about acid reflux treatment, and randomly find this article about Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and then after i read that i feel like all the symptoms are the same with me and i keep thinking that i have POTS i can't stop checking my pulsed and it's constantly high which is make me so anxious that i refused to stand up for a long time, and i went to cardiologist the next day and i asked about this to him surprised that he didn't even know POTS and asked me to stop browsing my symptoms, i did a treadmill test and he said the result is good! Please tell me what should i do know that i keep worrying of having POTS :(

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Dear Dealara -

It sounds like you are messing yourself up by "thinking too much".. and I know what that is because I have "been there" myself.

You have to take a deep breath, clear your head for the moment, and tell yourself that your doctors probably know best. I know it is easy to jump to conclusions, and I have that tendency myself.

Concentrate on what your docs say, and try to leave it at that. If you have a religious

background, then pray gat God will give you calm and confidence.

You will be guided whether you know it or not.

Please write back to HEALTH UNLOCKED and tell me / us how you are doing tomorrow or the next day, OK ?

We DO care !



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Can anxiety make your heart rate high ? I download this application on my phone that i use to check my heart rate, and it shows that my heart will jump up to 20-30 bmp from laying down to standing (which is one the main symptoms of POTS) I'm so scared that now I'm just laying on the bed and scared to stand up :(

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dealara please dont bother with these apps on your phone they are not very accurate they will tell you them selves to go to your doctor for a more accurate blood pressure test ! try not to read into to much on the internet its a great thing but may make you worse! david


Hi i had lot of tests for myself and it came back normal no one diagnose anxiety but i just keep telling myself its i experience and i woke myself up at 4am because i palpitate..before i try to google my symptoms and it makes it worse and i stop googling it.. Palpitations is one of the symptoms of anxiety thats what you got if your anxious your pulse will jump high...


hi there dealara sorry to hear your so unwell its maybe just health anxiety but to you its real ! theres not a great deal you can do about your doctor seemingly not listening to you ! you can ask for a second opinion saying your not satisfied with his answer if after youve seen a second opinion doctor ! you may have to ask for councilling for possible health anxiety ! ive had problems with my health also i had a brain bleed 2/3 years ago so everytime ive got a bad headache i worry im having another its taken me a long time and several doctors appointments to put my mind at rest dont get me wrong i still get them when im stressed out like when my mother died recently but the meds im on help as ive suffered depression for years ! please go back and talk it through with your doctor and ask for something for anxiety if indeed thats what it is ! take care my friend and please let me know how you are getting on david


I've been to at least 3 cardiologists :( I've done all the test except the test for POTS because they seem not familiar with this, so they said it's my anxiety and panic disorder .


The first thing to do is get rid of that silly heart rate app and understand why your heart changes speed. Every time you move you use muscles and those muscles need energy. If you don't supply them with energy they won't move. You heart will speed up to increase blood flow and delivery oxygen in order to enable that muscle to keep moving.

If you lie down your heart rate will fall as you don't have any demands from your muscles. You start to move and your heart rate speeds up.

It is all entirely normal and is absolutely nothing to worry about.

The second thing is to stay off google! Searching for a diagnosis is not exactly going to help, especially when you have missed the first and most important diagnosis - anxiety.

You don't have POTS you don't have ANYTHING - what you do have, however, is anxiety. Go and see your doctor for your anxiety.


I know my symptoms changed all the time, but this one seems so real to me :( my heart rate wouldn't drop when I'm standing it's always around 120bpm :(


Hi, just wanted to tell you I know what your going thought. I deal with the same type of things, I keep going to docs for insane symptoms I have, and I look into it- find diseases that match my description and then stress myself out believing that's what I have. It also doesn't help that I go to the hospital because my left side of my body goes numb and I have spells where I go weak- dizzy- I mean you name it Iv gone though it! And the doctors do tests and everything comes out find.

Tomorrow I will be going to get a complete blood test- and also try doing a hair test at a natural doc to check my vitamins and minerals. Iv already had an MRI the other night at the ER, cause I'm convinced I'm having mini strokes.

But to be honest- it's best to get all the testing out of the way so that you can at least start feeling better. Anxiety and panic will eat away at us. Specially when they are not finding anything and we are unwilling to accept that's what it is..

I wouldn't wish the symptoms we deal with on anyone that's how horrible having this kind of stress is. But I'm realizing that looking into everything Iv experienced if giving me more to panic about! Because every fatal problem has the same symptoms! So far this week, Iv worried about Lymes disease, aphid,TIA (transient ischemia attacks) which are mini strokes) -HIV/Aids! Omg you name it I'm worrying about it! And the problem is every single one of these things have similar symptoms. So it doesn't make much sense to keep looking it up unless you want to pitch a tent at the doc or ER.

- like I said get a Complete blood test like I and going to do- so that you can start getting piece of mind, In order to realize that your panic and anxiety is ruining your life you need to understand that's what it is first.

Then you should look for help in that department.

I'm just listing the steps that I'm taking because you sound just like me with the worrying and constant anxiety and panic!

As far as panic, that's a chemical problem. I deal with my head going numb and tingling burning sensation in my brain! Numb weak left arm.. Chest discomfort .. Breathing issues ( feel like I can't feel mused breathing) headaches..

Dizzy spells , blurred vision, I'm 27- I should be FINE!! But I get so nervous to do things anymore that its disrupting my life because I'm scared of Getting these attacks while I'm out.. Or driving that it makes small tasks impossible. I get worked up even knowing I have to do something..

So your not alone! It doesn't help that it keep s me up at night while all these damn MEDICAL commercials come one late at night making me worry about my health!

So please realize that so many of us are dealing with the exact same problems.. And that your not by yourself in it. Anxiety is just as serious as anything else because your wearing yourself thin constantly worrying and panicking.

I need to take my own advice by when those attacks hit- it's rough.

Take care of yourself and look into counseling, ( I'm going to too).. Because they say a lot of this anxiety and stress is surpressed issues that are subconsciously bothering us.. And also clean up diet.


I can really related to you, I went through some crazy thoughts like i have multiple scelorosis, brain tumor, heart diseases you name it . And I've done blood test, hormonal test, ECG, EKG, chest xray, and stress test all came back good . And now i end up afraid of having POTS :( I'm so tired with this :(


It's so hard to convinced myself that I'm a healthy 22 years old woman! :'(


Just keep in mind that your actual problem is the anxiety itself which IS doing this to you, making you think you have all these things. Your best bet is to do whatever you can to not think about it. I start having severe attacks where it's impossible- and honestly I got nutty worryin about the dumbest things.

I'm embarrassed to say that I have stated this new thing where I'm afraid of trying new things, or things Iv never had before becaus win scared I'm having an allergic reaction to them. Lol. I know that it's my mind messing me with to where I stress about something as dumb as this!

I also have had a weak left arm for the last few days and at night I et panic! And my face goes numb. And weak. Just happened last night. But I have to literally try and relax myself and calm myself down because I'm just doing it to myself by thinking what if what if what if!

And honestly I calmed myself down by realizing one thing.

- at the end of the day, God is in control of what happens to us. We are not! But the stress and constant worry is actually what is eating away at you. If your anything like me you can't et it off your mind right?

But that's our problem!!! stressing our selves out to where we can't function right!

I am seeing more and more people with all of my symptoms and more. What's worse is in in school to be a nurse! And do tons of projects on how our bodies respond to things. I have to admit, I wonder if the chemicals that we are exposed to (Chem trails) and also the GMO foods that are legal in the U.S. Are a huge cause of our bodies behaving like this. I honestly am trying hard to eat organic and clean my body out, I believe a lot of it is caused by being toxic-

I'm also getting a mineral test done by my hair. Reg docs won't do this, but my uncle felt depressed and hard for many years, docs couldn't figure out what's wrong with him, he went to a natural nutritionist and had blood and hair samples taken and found that he was so High in Mercury From eating canned foods, that he was actually being poisoned by it!!!! And NO actual doctor could figure that out! So he corrected the problem and now he's fine. So a lot of times its nutritional problems- anyways sorry to ramble, but all of this info helps when it comes to trying to feel better... And figure out what's going on with your health. Sometimes it's skmething as easy as getting your vitamins and minerals back on track. My sister in law has MS, but she had her hair samples and they found she was the lowest she could poasibly be in iron!

While there are not definite solutions it's good to try to figure out what's stemming all this anxiety


I went through a stage of thinking I have POTS my heart rate sky rockets when I stand up too and I have the heart rate app as well I'm always checking my heart rate lol. But I have made my husband and mother test their heart rates while sitting then upon standing and both their heart rates go up about 20-30 so I think it is common in possibly not very active people and also your heart rate will change upon many different factors, such as time of day, weather, eating, what you have eaten, activity etc and stress and anxiety really affect the heart rate this is an extremely common symptom. Go and get another opinion but even if you do have pots it is not life threatening and is treatable.

Best of luck :)

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My heart rate is always around 120bpm while standing and it's not going down sometime will be higher until 130bpm. But yesterday i had a shopping day and i asked my niece to check her heart rate, i was on 108bpm and she was on 101bpm (standing), an when we sit i asked her to check again i was on 96bpm and she was still on 102bpm but yeah i walked around there for like 30min and did not faint . So i really don't know what it is, today my heart rate high again :( so frustrating :'(


You are telling my story! My heart rate was always 120-140 standing this was at the height of my anxiety. Also my resting heart rate was always between 75-85 but before my anxiety started it was always 60 (I know this from doctor visits and monitoring during my pregnancies I never used to check my heart rate before I developed anxiety). 11 months have passed since this all started for me and about 2 months ago I started getting a little better and my heart rate went back to normal I'm back in the 60s resting and standing is between 90 and 108.

I had heart tests done and everything was normal. I definitely think it's all to do with anxiety. I think you should try to focus on relaxation and breathing to reduce your anxiety and this will help you heart rate too :))



I'm in medical research. Been here for 20 years. I've only scratched the surface of all of the stuff that is out there. That is why they have specialist. They spend years and years and years honing their craft. Would you try to build a nuclear bomb with just an article on the internet? No? Then why are you trying to diagnose yourself?

I don't say that to be harsh. Trust me, every study I work on I think I have those symptoms. You have to TRUST the MDs. They have run your tests and looked at them. It is my guess (I'm in the US so I'm not as up on UK procedures) that it wasn't just one person interpreting the results. In the US, there are often a few sets of eyes - none the least specialists - who review the tests. So, you have to listen to what they say.

In reality, I don't think you are trying to find the answer. You have been told the answer. I think you are trying to regain control. Like, if you hit on the magic button, the symptoms will stop. I do that too. But, knowing the exact cause (or even the trigger) really doesn't prevent. Our anxiety is bad because it doesn't follow common logic. You can't tell it 'that doesn't make sense.' The bastard anxiety doesn't care. It will probably help you more to learn how to deal with the symptoms and find things that work for you to lessen them.

I've been in your shoes so many times. I finally have forbid myself to look up symptoms. If I do end up at the MDs, I force myself to listen to them and trust they are giving me the truth.

Please take care.


Too true Carmel. The internet is a dangerous thing for mental health or medical issues as it is far, far too easy to self diagnose without taking things into consideration.

The thing is, Dealara, you're a young, healthy, 22 year old. I've been a nurse for longer than you have been on the planet. (Gosh I feel old saying that! :) ) I can honsetly tell you that counting a heart rate is absolutely pointless as it does not tell you anything, other than your heart rate.

You're not qualified, nor experienced, to make any kind of diagnosis and, putting you on the spot, if the doctors are telling you that you are fine what is it that is making you challenge that?

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