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Worried I have stomach cancer and full of anxiety

I'm usually not one to use message boards for anything other than reading during my paranoid Google searches, but my health anxiety is worse than it has ever been right now. Usually I'm able to calm myself down and talk myself out of assuming the worst until my doctor's appointment, but that doesn't seem to be happening for me this time. I'm currently at work and so unable to concentrate that I'm here making this post when I should be working.

So, here's what's going on. Over the last three weeks, I have lost 8 pounds. I have been eating less, but still eating unhealthy, so I don't think I should have lost so much weight. On top of that, I've been experiencing nausea, an upset stomach, bloating, and a decreased appetite. I also gagged while eating once a few days ago--although this was after I'd mentally thought about how I was full so it could have been connected to that. I'm a 28-year-old female, if that matters at all.

At this point, I am convinced I have stomach cancer. I called yesterday to make a doctor's appointment, but the soonest my doctor can see me is January 4th. I don't know how I will make it that long. And I'm scared the cancer will just spread in that amount of time even more if I have it.

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hifiveulation, I'm sorry you have googled your symptoms since that does nothing

except put the fear of the worst possible scenario in your mind. Since that cannot

be undone, let me reassure you that you did the right thing in setting up an appointment

with your doctor. I'm sure if it weren't during the holidays, you might have gotten a

quicker appointment. So many doctors or offices are closed during the next week.

I would assume you told the receptionist your concerns when you set up your appointment. January 4th is right around the corner. You should be okay during this

wait time, physically that is. You expressed your concern in that cancer will spread during

that time. First of all, you don't even know that you may have cancer. You need to be

diagnosed by your doctor for some answers as to what is going on.

You always have the option to go to the ER if your symptoms get worse. Keep in mind

though, that any physical issue we have wrong with us, gets worse when our anxiety is

high. Using meditation and relaxation will at least relief your emotional stress until you

are seen. I wish you well. x


Hi !! Hope you don’t mind me replying to you . I am in Scotland . Can’t sleep tonight because I have very bad health anxiety . It has made me very ill . You sound as if you know a lot about anxiety .

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Hi Ladyjackie37, I'm afraid I do know a lot about anxiety from my own experiences

in the last 30 years. What is keeping you awake tonight regarding your health anxiety?


I am so worried that I have something bad wrong with my tummy . I have had scan all clear in the main organs l keep thinking that I have an ulcer or something else like pancreatic cancer . I have been in bed for 5 weeks with anxiety and a pain under right rib . The scan said all ok . But I still cant believe it . I still have symptoms . They r saying anxiety .

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Maybe you should have a colonoscopy done if all the scans have come back clear. Having one done is a very quick process and you’ll know for sure your ok.


Yes I am going to have to do this . I am a bit scared from the camera .. that’s what is stopping me .


What do you mean your scared of the camera? You will be under twilight anesthesia. You won’t feel anything it’s a 10 min process. I was very nervous about going under anesthesia but not anymore. It’s very safe and fast.


That’s good to know .i am going to have this done I need to do it for my own sake .


How old are you ? Are you 40s or older ? If so you really should get one done.


I am 50;just had the bowel screening test done it was all clear .


That’s good news they check for blood and you odiously had no blood. Your almost complete with the complete work up. If your very nervous you can also get virtual colonoscopy via cat scan. It gives a 3D image of all of your intestines and other abdomen organs. Your awake and done in 5 min no cameras

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Sorry for the delay Jackie, I was reading over your post and responses with "Kilgh".

I tend to agree with her in that Gallbladder stones can present with the kind of pain

under the right rib and around the back. I agree that a colonoscopy may give you

the assurance you need with your health anxiety in ruling out any physical issues.

I will tell you though, that anxiety can and does cause all kind of weird pains and sensations throughout our body. The worst thing you can do is lie in bed all day.

Your muscles were meant to be used and lying in bed being afraid and shaking, only causes the body to tense up more causing even more anxiety and pain.

You should not have to live in pain or distress even if it is ruled out to be anxiety.

There is medication out there that can help break this cycle of fear that you have

regarding your health. Keep after your GP. xx

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Hi she has been wonderful with me , explaining a lot to me it’s been great . I am trying to get out of bed but I find it so hard the anxiety is so bad right now .i keep thinking that I have a terrible illness all the time .

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I'm glad you have a wonderful doctor. That's half the answer in worrying. It sounds

like you may need to talk with a therapist who could give you some direction in order to change your negative thoughts. Your anxiety definitely needs to be addressed. Once it is determined that this is anxiety and nothing more, then it needs to be accepted. Dr. Claire Weekes book on "Hope & Help for the Nerves" is

all about accepting anxiety as the diagnosis and not a terminal health issue.

I understand how paralyzing your anxiety is right now. What would it take to get you out of bed. Do you have friends or family that could come over and visit with you? Taking your mind off your health even for moments at a time, could make a

difference. I wish you well. One small step at a tme still would get you to the finish

line. :) xx



Thank you for your reply. It did provide me with some comfort and I appreciate it. I know that Google is often the enemy, but I just have this sinking feeling right now that I can't shake. Every time I distract myself, the thoughts creep right back into my mind yet again.

I know that a lot of what I'm feeling can also be related to anxiety (nausea, upset stomach, loss of appetite).

But I just can't help but feel like this time is different from the other times I've had health anxiety. I know that most people, especially in my personal life, would think that I'm crying wolf because I've thought I had cancer several times in the past and it always turned out to be nothing. But in this particular case, I literally have all of the symptoms that I'm finding online (loss of appetite, fullness feeling in stomach, nausea, upset stomach gathered primarily in the center of my stomach, getting full quickly, unexplained weight loss, burping a lot, coughing). I just don't know how this could be anything but cancer at this point with this combination of symptoms so I'm really freaked out and I have no idea how I'm going to make it until January 4th.

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Please stop googling dear friend. I understand what you are going through! I have health anxiety too. I worry about my stomach and my heart palpitations. I've had issues with my stomach for a while. And my heart palpitations began in August on the 6th. I've had blood work and ekg and chest x rays etc. I've been in the emergency room and urgent care and different docs and they all said "Anxiety". Googling is a bad thing for us people with Anxiety issues. It scares us a lot more than helping us. I recommend you stop looking up and researching what could be wrong. It makes your mind race worse. I personally would seek advice from your doctor. I would get the necessary tests ran to put your mind at ease. I would pray or meditate or do something you would enjoy to calm your mind. I understand your fears hun, you are NOT alone at all.

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I understand the worry you are going through. These are quite extensive symptoms which can only be addressed by a doctor. Whenever repetitive intrusive thoughts

might overcome me, I ask myself, "Is this helping?" It only tends to feed into the worry.

I believe you when you say, this is different. Whatever the reason, we all know our own

bodies and how they respond to physical stress. If this time it is something different

that assure yourself that you took the right steps to get some answers. Unfortunately,

we are not in control of doctor's availability. You do have every right as his patient to

call again during this coming week explaining how serious you feel these symptoms are. Even if he can't get you in to see him, he may recommend your going to the ER.

In either case, we support you through this trying time. My thoughts are with you xx


Dear hifiveulation try and not worry . I know this is hard .it sounds to me as if you r full of anxiety and that can make us feel all sorts of things . I thought I had pancreatic cancer and got myself into a terrible state .

That was 4 months ago and I am still here yet . Hope you get on ok at the Doctor , let’s us know how you r doing .

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