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Panic attacks waking me from sleep

It appears my anxiety is further progressing, despite being on medication now for 4 months. I have had, for the first time ever, three nocturnal panic attacks this week alone. I wake suddenly, can't even think straight like a million fragmented thoughts are running through my head at once, and then my heart starts pounding, I get weak, I start to sweat and then the shaking/chills.. I breathe deeply and it passes after a few minutes. This is so very frustrating, as I'm sure you all know. My anxiety is constantly changing... finding new ways to scare me. There is something seriously out of balance in my body... whether it's hormonal or not I'm not sure, but my anxiety/panic always gets worse right before my period begins. I have also developed a complete intolerance to caffeine. I did eat a lot of chocolate yesterday and had two cups of hot chocolate so I'm wondering if that was enough to set off my panic last night. Oh dear :(

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Hi amy .sorry to hear about your experiences. Could be a case with trying different Meds And taking short term sleeping tabs .just now.have you seen a psychologist yet could help.and is there no referral groups of those 8 weeks courses can really help.


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