Panic Attacks

I'm having panic attack almost everyday of the week now, I drink bottles of water everyday to calm me down and try breathing slower but nothing seems to be helping any more. If you've ever had a panic attack then you'll know how terrifying they are. I feel like I'm going to die and I can't sleep because I'm scared I won't wake up. They seem to be getting worse and I'm just getting so fed up of them getting in the way of my everyday life. I'm seeing a doctor at the moment about my depression and anxiety and talking about it helps but when I come home and I'm alone things just escalate and get bad again. I don't know what to do.


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  • Hi, sorry you're going through this. I can 100% relate to most of what you mention and are going through. For me, Pregabalin has really helped; so I would strongly urge that you ask your Doc to try it. Don't be afraid of meds.

    You're not alone.


  • I can relate.. My anxiety & panic disorder has now escalated to Agoraphobia where I don't like to leave the house. I haven't worked for almost 2 years & dropped my son to school this morning & had a panic attack over that and I didn't even have to get out of the car? I have come home and am all hot and feeling anxious, sick and diarrhea.

    This life I have is called existence, I am not living & I spend all day at home alone.. I can only suggest yo see a psychologist & up your magnesium.. I take one called CardioX which is spose to be calming.

  • Yep they are the worst thing to ever experience. Message me if you need someone to vent to. I'm suffering bad anxiety at the moment to since moving out of home. It's so hard. X

  • Hi yes I've felt that better and don't be scared it will be okay. You have to learn to breath and relax and stop worrying about it it only makes it worst . Try to find a hobby like crafts or painting to help your mind not think of it. I know how scared they feel and I've felt like I was going to die . We'll your not your just in panic mode. I've learned to control it and it's really hard but you can do it. Don't give up on yourself be brave and don't let your mind control you. What is there to be anxious Nothing just remember that ... Have great faith and you will be okay hope you feel better and remember your not the only one that has anxiety ... your not alone . jn

  • Hi never feel alone you always have this club of fellow suffers one of which is always awake due to the conditions we all have .take care of yourself .chat when ever you want . Ian

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