Panic attacks

I've been having daily panic attacks since last Thursday, I've called the paramedics 3 times, a trip to the ER, and a visit to my dr. I've been having heart health anxiety for several weeks now and I'm so tired of it! I know everyone says panic attacks peak around 10 minutes but mine seem come in waves and it takes several hours to recover from it. Does anyone else suffer daily?


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  • Hi Hdelmari, I just read an interesting article about what you are experiencing. I call it "free floating anxiety" which tends to come in waves. The article said to "ride the wave". Imagine you are on a surf board paddling out, watching for the crest and then with exhilaration and adrenaline rush let the wave take you back to shore. You may not know how long it will take to get you there, but know that you will always reach the shore, reach ground again. Just another thought...

  • Thanks. That's a good way of putting it. I'm trying to just accept them when they come and not fight it but it's not always easy. Today I only had one but it took me almost 2 hours to get over it.

  • Hdelman, it's very true, the longer it takes in fighting it, being afraid or accepting it as not dangerous, will make the anxiety go on longer. It's really a learned behavior that we have developed and need to change. It's amazing how we all have the key to turning off anxiety, it's just a matter of learning how.

  • Hey there! I suffer from Panic Attack Disorder but that is just the type of anxiety I have.. my anxiety comes in forms of panic attacks. Though, mine have never been that bad. Have you tried a grounding technique? Where you look around, try to focus on something and ground yourself around that object or place? Or have you tried animal therapy? I am an animal freak, so that has helped me so incredibly much. Sometimes it helps others. I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs, so I don't really have a stress reliever or a way out, so I understand how difficult it can be to stop them, believe me. I hope any of the following helps!

  • Hi! Thanks! I've been in therapy since January and have learned grounding techniques as well as breathing techniques. I haven't had a panic attack since February and my anxiety has been under cotrol. I've been able to do it all without medication :) I have increased my physical activity and take herbs and supplements.

  • When my struggles with anxiety started 7 months ago now I had these attacks multiple times a day and took 2-3 hours to get over them every time. They were horrible, I thought I was dying every time they hit. Time is healing, no drugs no nothing and I'm getting better every week. I hope yours goes quicker for sure! Long story short, hang in there, it gets better!

  • Thank you! My attacks drained me to the point of having to be in bed for hours after. I've been in thereapy for a few months now and have learned many techniques to help with them. Luckily I haven't had an attack since February :) no meds here either. Increased physical activity and supplements have helped

  • I deal with health anxieties on a daily basis. Sometimes I can go a few months and be fine by the last 2 have been hell for me. Even with that many er visits and dr visits and blood tests and heart X-rays and ekgs, I feel like they are missing something. You're not alone! Hang in there.

  • That's how I felt too! Every time I'd think "this is the one that isn't just anxiety" through therapy I have learned to accept the anxiety and understand that I am ok and not in danger. Like my therapist says "feelings aren't facts" i tell myself that every time I start having physical symptoms. I've come a long way since Nov/Dec

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