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Mild panic attacks?

Is it possible to experience mild panic attacks? Do panic attacks come in different forms I have never had the heart attack type panic attacks just a feeling that something is really wrong and I need to go to hospital. I'm starting to think that maybe I am having mild versions of panic rather then general anxiety is this possible?

These are my symptoms

Extreme anxiety panicky

Very scared

Light headed

Sometimes a heavy feeling

Very shaky sometimes like sugar drop feeling

Shortness of breath

Pounding heart

Are the above a panic attack or just general anxiety I get these feeling daily several times a day sometimes all day but mainly in the mornings..

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Yes I have the same. I have 4 different panic attacks and are similar to each other yet so different. I grade them also, 1 is mild which I can control with breathing techniques. The other 3 I cannot control and are not very pleasant.

The heart attack one is where the sufferer has a pounding heart like yourself but the negative thoughts they have make them think they are having a heart attack. I get palpitations also but do not think any thing Is wrong with my heart. I get sudden feelings of doom (flight response) and seek help.

Hope this helps

Take care

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mewmew summed it up very well, but also there is a difference between what are known as panic attacks and anxiety attacks, and anxiety attacks usually don't involve palpitations, but panic attacks often do. its more likely you are having an anxiety attack rather than a panic attack.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you that was an interesting read :)


I've had the same very much so over the years. Never really known what is was till now. Hope things get better for you it is easy for people to say do this or that but we live it. Your symptoms you describe are almost the same is mine. One time it did take me to hospital. So overwhelmed by anxiety I truly thought it was a heart attack


I have generalised anxiety disorder and panic/anxiety attacks, General is fear, worry, dizzy, thinking of death constantly, avoiding going out, work, shopping even walking anywhere, jelly legs, foggy feeling, OCD, checking pulse and blood pressure, feeling for lumps, can feel out of breath, over thinking things, getting upset because I feel this way and panick attacks can be where I get a funny feeling like a rush frm my feet through to my head intense fear can last just seconds, if I stand in a que or talk to someone I can start feeling dizzy, swaying, intense fear, fast pulse that feeling stays until I can run off and other ones are they big ones so nervous I can't sit down, dizzy, fast pulse, can't get my breath, feel like I'm going to pass out or die, then when it goes or I've removed myself frm the situation that caused it then the tears flow it's like a release

Anxiety comes in many forms and it can take over your life, it affects people in different ways for example my sister had a panick attack in the co op yesterday, she went to her car recovered then went back in and did her shopping,for me it's very different because I have the generalised disorder and I've let it beat me so it's worse than ever now and I'm doing all the wrong things AVOIDING things

Hope you are getting the help you need and hope you feel better soon

Take care xx

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Yep - thats anxiety! The more you worry about the symptoms you have got - more symptoms pop up - you now have more to worry about! Vicious circle!

Try these websites and see if you get any useful info. - Mood Gym - E-Couch - Living Life to the Full



Thank you so much :)


I have panic surges. Like....thirty seconds of sheer panic and loss of thought. So Id say yes. I think the panic attacks revolve around what you fear; not the same for everyone.


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