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Oversleeping after panic attacks


I have panic disorder and GAD as well as major depression and OCD. After I have high anxiety and panic attacks, my OCD goes through the roof. I have insomnia and usually can't sleep well sometimes I have nocturnal panic attacks too. When I have massive day time attacks though, I sleep all day for 4 or 5 days. I try to keep busy cleaning but it's hard to stay awake. It doesn't help that my OCD causes me to have anxiety about my house being messy so I get agitated because I really want to clean everything. Since my anxiety is so severe and I couldn't handle anti depressants I have been advised not to take meds like xanax instead I take hydroxyzine as needed which also makes me SUPER tired. I start to worry that something else is wrong and that it's just not normal to be SO tired. I have a lot of side effects from all these disorders that I never know if it's anxiety or something else. This just aggravates the episode. I'm just exhausted. I guess I'm really just venting because my boyfriend is sick if me venting to him and I'm waiting for new insurance to go through so I'm not seeing a therapist right now. Thanks for listening and if anyone has Sony advice for energy without caffeine I'm all ears

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I am going through much of the same. I have horrible health anxiety even though I've had my heart, brain, and digestive tract checked. I also cannot tolerate antidepressants or anxiety meds so i have hydroxyzine as needed. My panic attacks started from anemia because my body wasn't getting sufficient oxygen so I freaked. I now have panic disorder even though my iron is up. I completely know what you're going through. I can't handle caffeine at all anymore. My iron gives me energy though.

I have health anxiety too. Luckily I have learned to manage it a little but I totally obsess over certain things and my OCD takes over. So dumb!

It's not dumb at all. I think it's very common and normal! Not that I want to have health anxiety lol. I'd rather not!

Lol I get so angry when I have a "relapse" I'll be doing well for a week maybe even 2 and then boom! Anxiety, panic, OCD and agitation then usually depression in that order. I can't really handle any stress. I just wish I didn't have these issues but I do so I try to cope.

I'm the same exact way! You are not alone!

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