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Constant light headedness, slightly nauseous, just anxiety?


Hi all I'm really after some advice or reassurance if possible

For around 2 months now I have had a constant lightheaded Ness and felt generally awful, bloods are clean doctor has advised most likely anxiety. I am definitely more anxious about my health now as I always feel like this, is this a common symptom? I'm not talking a brief spell of light-headedness when having a panic attack I'm talking 24/7. Any advice or reassurance much appreciated!!

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Hi thesamgee, I would say as long as your doctor feels that's where the lightheadedness is coming from, I would tend to agree that it sounds like anxiety. Anxiety is with us 24/7 whether we experience the feelings of not. You don't necessarily have to go into a panic attack to feel that weird head sensation. Some ways to take care of that feeling is to make sure you are well hydrated throughout the day. Check your breathing and make sure you are not shallow breathing which goes into hyperventilation. Give yourself some quiet time every day, some "me" time to focus on relaxing and calming the mind and body. Palpitations and lightheadedness are probably the two most common symptoms of anxiousness. Health anxiety is also up there on the list. Accepting that these are caused from anxiety and nothing more sinister may help you reverse your negative way of thinking.

The more you feed into these symptoms, the longer they linger. My best.

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Thanks so much this is good advice I think the constant battle of feeling like this is leaving me depressed, I have a young son and just want to enjoy him rather than feeling like this all the time!

I suffered from lightheadedness for months 24/7. It is very difficult to accept that anxiety can be causing this. Believe me it can and even worse. I was really got all sorts of tests done....all clear. I am much better now but do get occasional lightheadedness. Earlier I used to get really scared but now I just accept it and get busy with other stuff.

Moderate exercise and keeping busy really helped me. I do not take any medication for anxiety but I did undergo CBT for 3 months. It helped to an extent. But the bottomline is only you can help yourself. Accept that you are an anxious person. Do not fight the symptoms. They will cease to be so scary......eventually.

Lots of Luck

Thanks so much I have days when I accept it and days when I think there's no way this is anxiety, it's just a lazy diagnosis how can it make me feel this weak and rundown and lightheaded. It has to be something else. But rationally my bloods are clean, I don't have headaches or chest pain I'm not even that dizzy just the vague nausea and constant lightheaded and weakness drives me mad.

Guess I need to believe it's anxiety before I see an improvement I'm reluctant to try meds but Dr has advised mirtazapine which I'm. Not sure of due its sedative affect!


Just be strong try not to over think Hun x

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