Constant health/heart anxiety


I'm new here so I thought I should introduce myself. My name is Paulina, I'm 17 years old and live in Sweden. I have health anxiety which started a couple of months ago.

My most recent problem is that I have almost constant chest pain. Before it was kind of dull and didn't seem to go away at all. One time I had both chest pain and pain in my left arm. I thought I was having a heart attack. I have been to the hospital three times already, and they did about five ekg's and a blood test. They say my heart is VERY healthy.

Today I woke up with stabbing pains in my chest just under my left breast, they are only about two seconds long, but they scared me so much that I started shaking and I felt very cold. I also have lightheadedness and I am very tired. Has someone experienced this? I know it's unlikely that it would be my heart but I'm so scared and I feel so alone :'(

Can someone help me, please?


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7 Replies

  • You aren't alone at all. Im 16 and my health anxiety has gotten worse over the last couple months too. Im always worrying about my heart, thinking it isnt beating right I get weird chest pains always thinking it's just gonna stop. And every time I go to my doctors they say my heart sounds pretty good. Anxiety can do so many weird things to your body. Also it's very possible while you were sleeping your body was going through anxiety and that's may be the reason you woke up feeling like that. Just remember to breath and try to calm yourself down. Also DO NOT google anything it will always say it's cancer or a heart attack. Have you went to your doctors and talked about your anxiety?

  • I also get Acid reflux and indigestion and stuff and I feel like it's my heart all the time. which just leads to more anxiety.

  • Thank you for your reply, it made me feel better.

    I have been to my doctor and told him about my anxiety but he just said he can't do anything about it, so I guess I will have to work this out in another way somehow. But I'm happy there are people who understand :)

    I hope you are having a good day!

  • Your condition does sound like Anxiety, all I can suggest is Relaxation Techniques, Mindfulness may help and breathing techniques may help you when you have your pains and associated concerns, Have you had any CBT and been given coping exercises that could also help you.

    You can get a book on Mindfulness and hopefully all will work out.


  • Hello Miss Paulina! I am 13, and I am experiencing the same. Remember that an anxiety attack also has similar symptoms related with heart attack. So, maybe your chest pain is caused due to your stress and not heart attack. Don't handle this tough situation all by your self, try talking to a therapist about your health anxiety. If not therapist, maybe any of your family member, friend, or anyone you trust. You can also read self - help books. If feeling anxious, stop watching news, stop searching up the symptoms on the internet. I'm genuinely sorry on how you are feeling. Have a great day, and remember that you are very strong than you think you are.

  • Thank you so much, I feel much happier now.

    I use to talk about my anxiety with my brother sometimes, he is the only one that listens to me. It makes me feel so much better knowing there are other people going through the same things as me.

  • I'm a year older than you and I have constant chest pains due to anxiety. Chest pains, rapid heart beat and shallow breathing are all very common symptoms and you have nothing to worry about but I understand how you feel. I constantly worry about my breathing and my chest pains are pretty bad, I always panic in case it is something serious. They always come and go though.

    I have experienced stabbing pains on one side of my chest and at one point the side of my head, it freaked me out.

    You are not alone.

    Please take care of yourself.

    - Chloe.

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