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Anxiety/light headed

Hi guys, so for the past two months , i have had severe anxiety. It started after one really bad attack due to overworking my body and the following day, i felt so dizzy and blah.

I also felt detached, and after two weeks, i finally went to the doctors. I had urine test, blood sugar, cbc, ear check, and it all came back perfect.

That was last month and the derealization is gone but now i have light headedness which absolutely terrifies me. Especially when i know there are people that have passed out from it. I felt light headed all day yesterday and had a panic attack last night that made me feel as if i was falling down a dark hole.

Is this still anxiety? I eat healthy, theres no real heart/ brain problems in my family except for relatives that have smoked, and i havent done any drugs.

Can a problem surface within a month? Do i need to go back to the doctor's?

It was easier to accept the other symptoms, because i was assured they wouldnt make me lose control. Light headedness, however, makes me feel as if i will.

And thats my fear. Some are afraid to die, but im afraid to lose control. And i feel it all the time because I worry about it now, all the time. My head feels prickly and now im so scared i have something else. And that if it is just anxiety, well, you can still make yourself pass oit from it, so how does that make me feel better?

Ive also got depersonalization. Sometimes, it feelslike im halfway out of my body or part of me is over there.

Any feedback would be great. I havent gotten an mri because after all this, everyone is telling me its anxiety and it would come back clear.

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Hiya hun xx I'm in exactly the same place as you right now. I had my first big anxiety attack nearly 7 weeks ago....I went to A and E. I was terrified I honestly thought I was going to die. Since then I've been suffering fron every symptom known to man. The ones that have stayed all this time is the derealizatio...head fog..headache/ pressure/ tight band around my head. Also dizzy/ light headed spells blocked ear it's so scary...I can't work and I'm scared to go out by myself or be left at home alone. I've had full bloods...ecg...physical examination. I've begged like 6 Dr's for a ct scan or mri and they say no as it won't show anything as it's all anxiety. I've been on citalopram for nearly two weeks. No changes as yet xx but I've been told it can take upto 6 weeks to feel any benefits. I'm also going fot CBT. Maybe go back to the Dr's to discuss help/ meds/ therapy etc. Good luck hun stay strong and try accept it's just anxiety. Xx


Thank you. Im so sorry youre going through the same thing. I wouldnt wish this on anyone. But on the bright side, when wr get through this everything else will seem easy. I believe this will make each of us so much stronger!

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I am going through the same thing, it's been a major problem with me for over 2 years. My symptoms come and go b through out the day. Usually I feel good when I wake up in the morning and then it starts about an hour later. Same symptoms as you, dizzy/lightheaded, brain fog, I feel like there is a brick stuck in my head, my heart beats out if my chest,I feel drunk most of the time but I never drink. Mine gets worse in the car for some reason. In the past I have had when I'm walking like I'm outside my body it was really weird and scary. I have been through all the tests CT scan, ekgs, I've been on Xanax, citalopram, blood tests, every natural thing you can think of and still no relief, it will sometimes help for like a couple weeks but then just comes right back.

Hope you find some encouragement knowing that your not alone. I think that is the worse thing when nobody understands.

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Hey Trea16,

Was weird reading your post.. Because its almost identical to how i was feeling a year or two ago.. I sometimes come on these post's to try and give anxiety sufferers a bit of support because I know difficult it is to try and get through an anxiety. Everything you'v said is down to anxiety. I don't doubt that for one second. I was 100% convinced that I had the following things during the last 3 years; Brain Tumors, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Stomach Cancer, Bowel Cancer, Lung Failure, Appendix problems, Seizures, Skin Cancer (moles), Twitches.. Oh my god, the list just goes on.. I saw specialist's for everything.. It was stressful, I was depressed.

Now, i'm pretty much fine.. I hope your reading this is kind of ticking all the boxes that "its just anxiety". I sympathize 100% with you because it was the most difficult thing I've ever gone through. But I hope you can find huge comfort in knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it will all wither away sooner or later and you'll feel yourself again and be happy.

80% of the battle is knowing that all your physical symptoms are all anxiety. And your perfectly healthy (as you'v been told by doctors, and results from tests).. As soon as you begin to train your mind again that its just anxiety, you'll improve and be back to yourself in no time.

Really hope this has helped.

Kind Regards,


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This is so similar to me.

Did you ever get this sense of uneasiness. A feeling of not necessarily passing out, but like you have to squint going outside and taking a walk? Subsided usually and I’m back to normal. Especially if I’m relaxed and inside. Indescribable feeling and it’s making me nuts.

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Thank you both! Its encouraging to know we arent alone in this.

Id be better if the light headedness wi go away. It scarea me so much because i nrver know if ill pass out, though i never have.

It started after i went a day without eating or drinking and i felt light headed for like, twenty minutes that night and ate. My blood sugar us fine, as i had that teted a month ago, but with the added stress, i think not eating just makes it worse.

Anyway, the following day, my mom wanted me to go with her to meet relatives. So, i went from my house, to a strangers car, all the way up the mountain. I was surrounded by people up thete, had to go on a train and walk around the shops.

All the while i was terrified of feelomg light headed, constantly checking in and i felt ot a few times. Then when we got back, it just didnt stop and its when i wondered if there was a health issue. Or was that because i was focuing on it so much?

Now even walking around my house seems to be a challengr because i can picture myself blacking out so clearly! I hate it. I never used to have thi fear. And my scalp always feels tingly, like i need to scratch.


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