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Light headedness feeling


I have this strange feeling inside my head feom last 2 months just behind my eyes... Lightheadedness, dizzy feeling, lack of concentration, memory issues and struggling to find words while communicating.. I have consulted a neurologist and after undergoing few test the doctor diagnosed me with anxiety-depression... I was put on anti depressant but I still have the same feelings and its very hard to concentrate on work in the office with this feeling.

Planning to ask my doctor to get the CT scan of my head done to rule out any other possibilities..

plz advice on proper medical procedure to undergo if someone had/have the similar kind of symptoms/feeling.. I just want to get rid of this feeling.

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I have the exact same!!! It's been here for 1 month though for me! It's so hard to get through a day without having a panic attack over it :( I keep thinking there's something wrong with me, since it started I've been to the doctors twice and the hospital once, they keep telling me everything is fine. I just want it to go away its horrible, I understand you.

Do you wear glasses? I do and I feel like when I put them on it goes away a bit. Also Ive realised that mine gets a lot worse when I'm around lots of people!


Thanks for the reply... No I don't have glasses. Do I need to consult a eye specialist? Will it help to overcome this weird feeling?


I think you should just in case! Plus, they can check into your eyes to make sure there's nothing wrong there too :)


I had it. Pretty sure it's brain fog. I could not read, do work, or anything that required concentration! Even watching a movie was hard! But when I started to realize that this was due to being overly anxious and I stopped worrying about it, it went away.


This sort of thing can also be due to hyperventilation try to do breathing exercises 2 or 3 times a day it should help. Also try not to focus on it so much just let it be and it will go away. I get this on and off too and the more I worry about it the worse it get breathing definitely helped me.


this is a link to the symptoms of B12 deficiency


it may be worth asking for a blood test to check your B12 and folate levels (body needs both) just in case this is a factor in the dizziness etc.

Lots of medics thinks B12 deficiency means anaemia but this isn't necessarily the case - particularly if folate levels are good.

Also, it is possible to be symptomatic of B12D well into the 'normal range' - anything under 400 is worth following up by looking at MMA in urine and homocysteine - two nasties that build up and can lead to other problems if your body isn't using B12 properly.

B12 is only found in animal products - which includes dairy - so if you are a strict vegan you are at high risk ... or if you eat little meat etc.

Otherwise there are lots of things that can affect the mechanism that your body uses to absorb and recycle most of your B12 which makes things very inefficient and leads to deficiency


Thanks for the reply.. Yes I was also asked to take B12 injection and tablets..but even after the course of medicine still the problem persists :(


sorry but to clarify - are you saying that you did have a B12 deficiency and it was treated?

It can take a long time for some B12 symptoms to resolve themselves. Unless you are sure that the problem was entirely down to diet you will still have an underlying absorption problem and that means that the treatment needs to continue for life.

You might find it useful to join the PAS forum.

I had decades of depression and anxiety that GP never linked up to being diagnosed with B12D a few years ago. I thought they were probably unrelated so was rather astounded when the problems went when I started to treat myself with the doses that I really needed


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