Weird feeling

Does anyone else gets weird feeling in their hands and legs especially fingertips it feels like a crawling tingling sensation especially in both my hands. I keep looking at my hands because the feeling is so strong and i dont know why its happening has this sensation happened to anyone before. I also notice my anxiety seem to kick in mostly during the evening/night time.


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8 Replies

  • Yeah I get it usually when my anxiety starts freaking out. I just tell myself it's the adrenaline going to my limbs. But could be wrong. But yeah anxiety does a lot of weird stuff to your body.

  • Thanks Adam i swear its just one symptom after the next as soon as u get over one another one appears its like it never stops i notice a trend every evening i get a symptom that will start my anxiety up since thats when it bothers me coming down to the night time.

  • I had that very much, and with me it started a while after I took an antibiotic (Cipro) but I didn't connect the dots until later. Cipro gave me much worse anxiety too. If you took that or a related drug, avoid those forever. One thing that helps me with a lot of things is taking a magnesium supplement.

  • Hi i havent taken any antibiotics ive also started taking triple magnesium supplements i hope to feel better from the benefits of magnesium.

  • Good, that's a good thing that you haven't. And the magnesium should help. But please, if you ever do need a prescription for an antibiotic and the doctor prescribes any fluoroquinolone, avoid those like the plague (unless you actually HAVE the plague, haha). Doctors are not heeding the warnings for how dangerous that class of antibiotics is. If you google Cipro poisoning or fluoroquinolone adverse effects or controversy, you'll see. They are so dangerous. I wish you well.

  • Thank you for the info i have never heard of those antibiotics but now im aware. I agree some doctors do not warn u of some of the side affects of medication at all.

  • I get this a lot . Think it's very common with anxiety . Just gotta tell yourself that's all it is . I can feel my crawling/bubbling sensation coming on when I'm worrying . Try to relax . (Easier said than done I know )

  • Yes lol much easier said than done

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