Randomly feeling weird and unwell

Hi everyone. It seems like every day there has to be someway I feel off. Today was pretty good. Earlier I had some dizziness and felt kind of unbalanced. About 15 minutes ago I started getting this feeling where I felt really tired and my eyes got heavy. (they still are). My hands and feet were both getting sweaty. I am starting to get less and less worried whenever I experience physical symptoms. I had something similar to this happen when I was working in the nursing home. I started feeling a rush go through me and super sweaty and like I would pass out. The nurse took my blood sugar and it was in the normal range. I fought with my boyfriend 3 days over the weekend, so I'm wondering if I am still tired from that and my body just wants to make me worry. Any advice?


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  • Yeah sounds like an anxiety attack,working you probably subconsciously have the fight with your boyfriend ticking over in your head,resolve that issue with your boyfriend If you can and try and relax,I know its not easy,what meds are you taking? X

  • My boyfriend and I were fine on Sunday. I do not take any meds.

  • If you continue to get these episodes I would deffo go to the gp,there are some good meds that will help you and are not difficult to come off when you feel you have to

  • I had my experimenting with meds

  • I take 20mg citalopram and take propranolol too and it seems to work for me, but everyone has different ways to deal with anxiety and panic, the best thing that helps me is laying in the dark with my fave music on......I hope you get your anxiety under control,the physical symptoms can be scary and make you think somethigg is wrong and it's hard to just go with the flow isn't it?

  • I took both of those. I came to the realization that meds arent a solution, but a cover up. I just deal with it on my own. I havent been on any meds for like 4 months.

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