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Has anybody experienced a fuzzy feeling in their head that feels almost like tv static?


For the last three months I have had on off colds with awful sinus problems. Now about 20 minutes ago I stood in my kitchen and at the turn off my head I had the strangest sensation of fuzz all around my head. I had to hold my head in my hands as I couldn't focus and went straight off balance. Once it had gone I still felt a little uneasy on my feet. Now I have a pounding headache and have a blocked nose. As I've never felt the fuzzy feeling before I felt a little 'panicked' . Can anyone shed any light on what it could be?

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HI yummy x Just wanted to say hi, I cannot be much help on the fuzzy subject as its one I have never had but I have heard quite a few on here mention it as part of their anxiety, we are all different in these things x I like t reply to a post even if I cannot be helpful as I can understand it can be frustrating waiting for a answer x It could well be that the fuzzy ness is indeed the sinuses, I have found that since my anxiety started I have sinuses trouble x Its all linked to nerves so it would be but to put your mind at ease I would maybe mention it to your gpx Sorry I could,nt help more x Donver x


Hi,I have problems with my sinuses and have had all sorts of weird feelings in my head.Agree with Donver,go to your doctor,I have a prescribed nasal spray and ear drops,has been of some help x

Ok yes it's one of my symptoms fuzzy head it feels like a mild electricity shock and if you could put a name to this feeling u word use the word fuzz

I also get dizzy of various in strength

On the fuzz thing I would make sure you get sleep as mine came on when I'm tired or have done to much so slow down get plenty of sleep I go to bed at 11:30 and sleep until 7: I find the dizzy feeling also gets better when I'm less stressed I hope that's a help have you tried PMR progesive mussule relaxtion I also go to the gym around 4 time a week all helps I don't drink alcholal or anything with caffine in it take care

I get a static feeling around my head than pressure and a slight headache but not painful... but i also get arm numbness and sometimes what feel like electric shocks in chest or pain its weird... ive had ct scans, ekgs and blood test no answer

I also feel as if im drunk when it occurs

Socci in reply to Whyte_Savage

I’m getting the same sensation.

My head get this feeling like how if you had to describe the feeling of how the white noise of tv static looks if you could feel it. I feel the scrambling on the top of my head constantly.

I also feel the intoxication feeling sometimes

Yes I hate when that happens

Hello! I think I may know what you felt. How intense was this feeling? Has it ever happened before and has it happened since?

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