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New to this but I thought it might help!! I'm 18 and suffered with my first panic attack at a night rave thing on Halloween, since I have been paranoid about my health! I've always been a worrier but this is beyond stupid. I had a panic attack a few weeks ago and thought I was dying. My friend rang an ambulance and they came and referred me to a doctor and said it was anxiety. My doctor didn't take me seriously and made me feel very stupid. I was in work and I had to get my mum to come into the clothes shop I work in (I was working alone), and she stayed with me as I was in a bad way, tight chest etc. When I got home she rang 111, they spoke to me and ended up sending an ambulance out. Had an ECG and everything was fine, been told it's in my head. I go through stages of thinking it's just anxiety, but the bad stages rule out the goods where my chest hurts, tightness, cloudy head, feeling dizzy etc. Spreads to my back. I can't sleep in my own room I'm either with my mum or my nan. I'm scared and it's just running me down. I feel like I'm gonna be stuck like this forever. Went to the doctors with my mum and they put me on a very low dose of Citalapram, had a couple of good days but been bad since!! I have the doctors in 2 days to have blood tests done, but that's not reassuring me. Breathing exercises make me feel more panicky by the way!! Any one suggest anything!!!


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  • Sounds like anxiety. At your age it's unlikely you have any actual health condition. Xanax helped me out when I going through panic attacks

  • It's not so much the panic attacks, it's how I feel during the day. I'm scared to go to sleep at night, i don't like being alone. I never thought anxiety was serious but now I'm wondering if it severe?

  • Your constant worry spilled over and is now generalized anxiety. Generalized anxiety means that you are generally anxious and have all of the nasty physical symptoms that anxiety brings. The chest pains, back pain, dizziness, foggy head, heart racing, feeling sick are all ways your body is trying to tell you it is overstressed. Panic is like a guard dog, it barks at you when you need to be safe....and safe means rested and relaxed. Try the books DARE and At Last a Life, they both explain anxiety very well. A doctor should also check your iron, mineral, vitamin, and thyroid levels as this can cause your symptoms and are easily treatable. Anxiety sucks, but we can get it off our backs if we love ourselves back to health.

  • Aw thank you I'll give it a go

  • Hi Matilda was just wondering how you're feeling now? I can relate to all the symptoms that you have and currently going through the same. I too am taking citilopram, I'm now a week into 20mg but am feeling the side effects. I'm better than I was 3 weeks ago but still feel I've got a long way to go. I too sometimes feel 'back to normal' for an hour or so but have this constant sick feeling and anxiety is still a constant but comes on worse in waves throughout the day. Im feeling disorientated and 'not with it' a lot of the time which makes me not like being alone too.

  • I've gotten a lot better! Thank you for asking!! I'm low on my b12 which hopefully is the cause of this anxiety, had my first shot today so hopefully I should perk up more after the next 4!! Still paranoid about my health which is me worse and my chest/back/throat still play me up!! But life goes on! If there's something wrong with me then so be it! Not a lot I can do. Hope everything goes ok with your meds!!

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