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hey guys new to this, i had my son 4 months ago, since then i've been having panic attacks been to the hospital around 20-30 times i take fluoxetine for my anxiety but i'm scared to take them because i have a panic attack everything i do seems to trigger on i was a size 10 and now a size 6 in just 4 months everyone says i'm been stupid, i could eat something and a panic attack would come on i could just go in a shop and fall to floor from randomly going dizzy i have pains in my left side my left arm goes numb and i can't seem to sleep on a night time i have a lot of stress in my life right now!! these things are crap πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ why do they even happen i mean i don't get it one bit.. it's getting me so angry 😑😑😀😀


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  • Hun I know what you mean and I know it's scary how old are you? And where are you from maybe you can message me and we can exchange numbers

  • Postpartum anxiety. I suggest you try therapy and also get a book called Dare by Barry mcdonagh. How long have you been on the medication? If it has been less then 6 weeks give it more time but if you have passed that point and feel no change you may need to up the fosevor try another one speak to you doctor about it. It's hard being a mum but even harder when you and anxiety and panic. My anxiety also started after I had my second baby so you are not alone. I wish you the best :)

  • Sorry you're going through this bad time. First of all I would say try to slow things down. You can only do one thing properly at a time. As a new mother you have a huge change to your life going on. Focus on the next thing to do and don't think too far ahead.

    It is easy to get overwhelmed with the responsibility of a new baby. Do you have supportive people to give you an hour or two for yourself? Just taking a bath or washing your hair can make a difference to how you feel. You need to look after yourself.

    You're not being stupid! But it sounds like the anxiety is controlling you at the moment. So take back control of your life bit by bit, and give yourself credit for each little thing you manage to do.

    Hope you start to feel better very soon.


  • Obviously the people that say stop being stupid don't understand what you are going though. I to suffer from this I to lost weight. In the reply by Aazz I would recommend reading the book DARE by barry check out the book reviews on amazon stay strong girl x

  • thank you every body, and yes i think your right it is completely controlling my life, my boyfriend has left me because he's done all he can do πŸ˜” which also doesn't help with anything, but i understand i've pushed him too far i wish i could put it all into the back of my mind πŸ˜’ thank you for replying x

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