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My first step in beating anxiety and panic attacks

Ok so I managed to get a day early appointment at the doctors. I had a minor panic attack in the waiting room (luckily my mum was with me) then when I got in doctors I didn't know we're to start even tho I had so much to tell him I just didn't know we're n how to start telling him how I felt and what I've been going through.luckily my mum who has been my rock helped me through it all and like a right idiot I started crying infront of my docter (we're did that come from)

Anyway I'm on medication now,I've had one n I feel abit weird on it to be honest, but not sure if it's just me panicking because I'm not use to having special medication. Is anybody else on medication? And has it been helping? X

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Hi Melanie the best thing you can do is open up to doctor and tell he / she how your feeling , I did the same had terrible anxiety for 3 months now , I got new medication last week and felt weird sick and dizzy but today I feel so much better only small panic this morning but much much better you will get there I promise good luck 👍🏻👍🏻

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I am on 20 mg of Prozac and I started on 10 mg....it helps me so much. I am not sure what you are on I tried different ones and I just could not take them. 


Hi Melanie29,  Oh I'm so glad you got the doctor's appointment moved up a day. As for the crying, I don't think I've ever not cried.  I get filled with so much emotion that it just spills out.  I'm so glad your mother is your support, that is so important in getting better.  I'm glad he started you on some medication that will help take the edge off the anxiety.  The weird feeling is normal when starting on a new drug.  I am currently on Lexapro and it really helps.  In addition, once you are feeling better, is to start or continue with other techniques to keep your anxiety in check.  Keep coming back to the forum so that you can learn what others use to keep everything in control.

Good Luck with the new med.  You'll be okay soon....


Iam on propranolol if anyone has herd of it. Today I feel really low n depressed, my mum has had to take my son to school as I'm afraid of leaving the house. Iam not having a good day and not sure if it's the meds that are making me feel like this or its me panacking because it's a new Med I've never had before. I want this to stop now I've had enough before it takes over my life completely X 


I am also on propranolol and also citraplam 


Has propranolol been ok for you? X


Congratulations for going to dr. Your on your way to feeling better and your not the the first to cry there. I'm on zoo ft and it has saved my life. I did feel strange at first and maybe even more anxious think that was due to the fact that I thought I was officially mentally ill. But many people have this and it's nothing to feel ashamed off. You are not going to feel better right away the meds take several weeks to start working unfortunately hang in there best wishes



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