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How does everyone manage?


I've been on here a few days now as asked a few questions.

I really wanna know how everyone manages on a day to day basis?

My story is quite simply I started off with a panic attack in February which my doctor put down to not being very well and had a week of anitbiotics..which made me feel loads better then maybe 4 weeks ago I was in bed and had a panic attack so bad I had to get my mum to call an ambulance..they checked everything and said I was fine...few days went by and I was getting on with things and then out of nothing one on the train on the way to now 2 weeks on from that..I'm so anxious now everyday I've had to break up with my partner...not been on any nights out and missing a lot of work. I'm struggling mentally but I see you all have been dealing with this for years and I just wonder how you manage.

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Hi Ashley,

I know how you feel, I've had health anxiety for years and I have suffered many panic attacks. I think you should go a talk to your GP about these panic attacks that you've been having, and he can refer you for counselling or CBT. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want, and let us know how you get on.

JB xx



I've been to my GP 3 times now..was given beta blockers which just made my anxiety worse..yesterday I went again and was advised the wait for CBT on the NHS is 1 I went to see a therapist last night...she has even through all this before so gets it. I explained as much as possible and had me doing breathing excercises and I left about 6 last night and had a very nice night..felt relaxed and had a clear head..I've woke up today and I'll tell you if I wasn't so scared of dying I would be tempted to do something is the worst I've felt through this whole thing


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Hi Ashley27,

You can't become an expert overnight, it takes practice, just because what initially worked, stopped working after a while does not mean it is bad.

Thats being " impatient with time " A classic symptom of anxiety and unhelpfull.

How do I manage?

Well its taken some time, also setbacks where I forgot how to do the practice, and it sneaked back, its a constant practice starting from the beginning everyday, but it gets easier alot easier untill we find out that this has actually made us happier in life, able to appreciate things.

I use the Dr Claire Weekes concepts;

Of first understanding whats actually happening to me.

Understanding of sensitised nervous reaction

The 4 concepts of

FACE do not run away

ACCEPT do not fight

FLOAT do not tense

LET TIME PASS do not be impatient with time.

These are used whilst in panic, and also work well in daily life too.

Understanding of first and second fear too

And know that a panic can be completely cleared of our bodies within 3 minutes. ~Thats how long max it takes to clear the body of adrenaline.

Doing it though takes practice, because it is our minds that are continuing the attack with "what if" statements, catasrophising, etc. that we actually believe......saying that it can be done.

Wishing you well



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What a great post baylien. Thats very helpful. Thank you.

Bev xx

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I've been mooching about on here soaking up all the amazing advice and I have to say that just reading this has made me feel much stronger and calmer. As have many of the responses I have read.

You're all pretty amazing, you know that, right? :)

I'm so glad I found this place. It's spurred me on to finally filling in the therapy referral form I've had hanging around for months. Took a while ;P

Thanks guys!



Hi Ashley

Sometimes after years I can ask myself that question , or have been asked & the answer is we just do

Every day , just do the best you can , go with how you feel , don't fear it , keep talking , you will find what works best for you , we all suffer , & have that in common , we all however can find different things can help

Take each day as it comes , live for today & don't fear tomorrow will deal with it when it comes

Keep talking it really does help , I can say that




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Thank you. Wow. Strong and very helpful. Thank you again for the great strong true words

Hi Ashley, I agree with everyone else, especially Baylien and the advice about the Dr Weekes approach.. That was a turning point for me, many years ago when I first read it.

I have found ways of managing it over the years but the most important thing is to accept this as part of you rather than fighting it. At some point there will be a realisation of the effect your thoughts have on your physical health and its quite liberating when it happens. From feeling I am going to faint, to thinking I cant see, cant swallow, arm going numb, pins and needles in legs, palpitations... All these things were caused by my anxiety and Ive worked through each of them.

I have my moments but even in the worst of them, there is always hope.

Wishing you well..


Take each day as it comes. Break down tasks into manageable portions. Set achievable goals. Don't beat yourself up if you can't do something. Congratulate yourself if you can and do. Do something you like everyday that's just for you. talk about it with someone you trust. Believe in yourself you can get through it all. We all understand and wish you well. X

I was trying to answer your question but got carried away. So if you have time, have a read through the blogs and theres one with your name on it lol.

hi ashley,its hard to think logically when your in a panic,but if you could just try it,like saying to yourself ,this is just anxiety,i had this before,nothing bad happened me,i got through it,and i'll get through it again,feel all the sensations in your body,dont fight them,let them flow through you,take slow deep breaths,and when you breath out imagine the anxiety leaving your body,i promise you will feel your body relaxing,if you do this,..i have to do this on a regular basis,but its how i cope,let us know how your getting on.xxxxxx

Kennygrunt in reply to miarose

I have been dealing with panic anxiety attacks for the past 3 months. Comes and goes. I just have to re learn how to just embrace it and not fight with it and most importantly just learning to just take deep breaths and to let the anxiety go. Still on betablocker, carvedilol 6.25mg 2x daily. Hoping to control anxiety and want to wean off these betablocker.

Agora1 in reply to Kennygrunt

Kennygrunt, make sure you don't stop suddenly on those betablockers. Ask your doctor for his advice when you feel you want to wean. Slow and safe is the way to go. We care. x

Kennygrunt in reply to Agora1

U r absolutely rt my doctor told me if i was feeling better i could take hlf pill in the am pill for 1wk then 2nd week for pm pill weaning off completely. But if is working maybe i should stay on them. But i just want to make sure i can conquer, eliminate these panic anxiety attacks, i would be so happy.

Agora1 in reply to Kennygrunt

We can help you eliminate the panic/anxiety issues. I no longer need medication. It takes time, no magic pill available. It's more about a retraining of your negative thoughts as well as accepting the fears as not real. Therapy along with medication can help you start going forward. Finding the root of the panic is important as well. Using methods/techniques that are out there in conquering stress and fear are the way to go. Learn from the responses on the forum in how others are using this methods in going forward. Pick and choose what works for you. Never give up. Don't get stuck in a pattern of fear. Step outside of your safety zone, know that you are safe and nothing will happen to you. It takes work but the goal is so worth it Kenny. We'll walk you through it, the rest will be up to you. Take care and stay positive.

Kennygrunt in reply to Agora1

Thankyou again for taken your time to express and help out another person that is experiencing these heart felt panic anxiety attacks. I will try to be open mind and will learn from others that shared their experiences on how they overcame. 👍😁

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