So it's been a hard month it first started with hyperventilating and then in vision problems it's just been so horrible I've been on Ativan and also lexapro the Ativan for a month and the lexapro for 5 days and like I'm scared I might have ms or something I had a catscan and MRI done both came back normal also went to the eye doctor all normal........but now it's just a constant worry i try deep breathing but I feel like ima pass out I also had a chest x-ray done and normal ......I just feel hopeless and so confused I had my first panic attack when I was 12 but it's been of and on and now every change I feel in my body I obsess with it I have to take deep breaths all the time

Just my brain feels scrambled rn like what's wrong with me doctors are tired of me I see a therapist and a psychiatrist and well I'm just so worried I don't feel like doing anything


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  • Hi moises. Oh MS. If you have anxiety long enough you will eventually think you have MS. Been there done that had the tests, turns out I don't have it either. I truly believe you should trust the tests and I don't usually trust much but those MRIs are pretty accurate. You've had all the big-time tests and that's awesome because now you can rule all of those things out. Side note, as much as I have worried about MS, I've actually had three co-workers who have it and they had babies and are living really full lives. But you don't have it so you need not worry. Health anxiety is really difficult but we get through it. You may not like it but we get through it. I wish I had all the time back that I spent worrying about problems that were never ever there. Please keep talking here, it helps us all.

  • Thanks it just sucks like im just so tired of it I feel like there's something wrong with me I constantly worry idk what to do

  • Yes it does suck. You are doing everything right, textbook. You are attacking this problem on all fronts and covering all your bases which shows your mind is still sharp and you are ready to fight. Ativan is good and hopefully the Lexapro will take hold in the next week or so. When we are anxious and overwhelmed our brains are scrambled. You're not going crazy, that's a natural effect from all of the things you have on your mind and I'm sure your therapist would, probably has, told you that too. From all that you've already done I definitely like your chances and you are fortunate to have good resources available to you. You have anxiety, which could be considered something "wrong" but it's treatable.

  • PS, I'm tired of it too 😳

  • Thank you so much it means allot

    I feel like hopeless I feel like I'm dreaming or I'm scared what if I can't handle it nomore I have so much anxiety symptoms to mood swings to weird sensations I'm just desperate or I feel empty sometimes 2 sisters and my dad have anxiety but I feel like mine is caused by the ms or something......thank you for listening

  • I think you're all clear on the MS since you had the tests. I'm past the dreaming but yes I feel scared so much too much and I often feel desperate. So many times I feel like I want to give up. I just keep waking up every day and the giving up the giving up department never appears. That is not in any way flippant it's just the way I feel and the days keep coming and it turns out I'm OK. I've thought I was dying from a horrible disease for 30 years now and its never happened. There's a famous Mark Twain quote about that but I can't call it to mind right now. It's really good though 😊

  • Thanks so much I'm just scared you know I don't know what else to do I'm scared of giving up

  • "I am an old man and have known a great many troubles but most of them never happened" that's the Twain quote I was looking for. I've searched that turns out you can't give up. You're doing everything right you're doing great it's going to work. When I hear what you've already done I have faith in you. I'm so glad you posted here I feel the same way.

  • Thank you so much

    But it's just how I feel right now I can't believe that it's just anxiety it feels to hard to believe

  • I know. If you hadn't had all those tests I might agree with you. But anxious people like us tend not to trust tests. I and so many of us here know exactly how you feel because the anxiety feels much more real than any test results. On the whole anxiety is associated with a higher IQ and there are numerous studies readily available. It has been referred to as " the shadow of intelligence" but it can become pathologically overwhelming. But even if you are a physician you still need to trust the tests.

  • Mind you I'm not saying I'm super smart, I'm just saying that's the tendency.

  • Thank you for having faith in me

  • I know I still have more test but I honestly can't explain these sensations like they seem way to much to be anxiety

    I'm just sacred

  • Moises602, I feel extremely confident in saying that you are only experiencing anxiety symptoms. As scary as they are, that's all it is. Check out this site, its the most detailed list of symptoms I have found over the years. You are going to be fine. Something is causing you to worry about your health, I would ask your therapist to work on that with you. Regardless, when you get to the point that you can accept the feelings and know they are just anxiety symptoms they will lose their power over you. I would also highly recommend reading the book by Claire Weekes, "Hope and Help for Your Nerves". You're going to be fine brother. Hang tough. You have support here. Here's the website.

  • Thank you sooooo much

    I'm fighting

    And I will read

  • It's just so weird how I'm getting these crazy symptoms like I'm scared to sleep

    It's so hard im so tired I feel like I'm not controlling myself and like I'm dreaming.......

  • Hi I have panic attacks almost every day. If none of them are working u might want to try a different medicine . Lexapro can. Be a dangerous medicine because of the side affects. I had to be stop taking lexapro because it almost made me suicidel so I slowly got off that medicine and I'm not feeling that way anymore. U need to tell ur prescription Doctor how u feel and maybe u can get off of it. I don't know anything about Ativan so I can't help u with that. The doctor should of had u lean off of the Ativan . Once it is out of ur system then ask for a medicine to help with ur panic attacks. I am here if u need to talk

  • Well I barely started lexapro for about 5 days this is my 6 day taking it don't really feel much I heard it takes about 3 weeks to work so I'm just waiting but I'm just like freaking out about ms I had the MRI in the emergency room and it was clear then a cat scan I feel like my walking is weird and I just have these weird moods it's just so crazy I have trouble with breathing allot

    And idk what else to do

  • Hello moises602 yes I know exactly how yoy feeling and what you gave been going through with all the different feeling your getting x I had a full blown anxiety panuc attack in march this year x I had every test possible all come back clear x doctor said all jyst anxiety x but anxiety isn't easy to get your head round it's very hard x I am alit better than I was now but tge way I delt with it in the end was I wasn't going to let my brain rule my body x and tried to think posative x and in the end it does work x I just have to keep telling yourself thatanxiety it will not win me over x I am in control if my body and have no time for this shit it's putting me through x and I must say it has worked and still have a few bad days but get over them alot quicker x good luck darling x try this out x and I hope this works for you as it did for me x

  • Thank you I will try that

  • Been there big time! 3 years have passed and all I can say that the first 2 years was truly unreal and death scary. The symptoms are now 99% gone with the help of KBT, Sertraline and Quetiapine. Medfree last! Its all in your brain but manifests as true live symptoms from hell. You have to embrace the rabbit that is. Otherwise the fear of it all will only trigger a viscious circle...And one last thing...rethink who you were..the competitive and confirmation needy person had to be erased. Its only me now, others can do the proovemyself to the world thing. I feel so much better!

  • It's just so many symptoms you know like sometimes my vision gets bad and scares the crap out of me like I said I'm convinced something is wrong with me

  • I was too...did all tests you can imagine...still didnt believe the results. Our brains are not designed to cope with our societies multitasking system. Not in the long run anyway. Less people doing more to peak the last quarter will in itself come to a peak. The result are us in this forum. My health is way more important than all the money in the world...or even a raise. Routine..sleep..EXERCISE and eating healthy are key ingredience, not to mention sex and more time for your hobby whatever that is. Remember you only live once!

  • change in diet will be your key to get rid of this anxiety problem . trust me

  • What kind of diet

  • Skip All kinds of sugar...that includes all hidden sugar like HFCS. Every product ending with a -OSE is sugar...even glucose. Skip bread. Starch turns into glucose in our body. That means cutting down on pasta, rice and potatoes. Veggies? You cant have enough. Alcohol...forget it. You want to get better? Sacrifce is the answer.

  • Same here. 😧😳Finally had to accept it and follow doctor's orders.

  • Have you ever felt weird like you have to control your body movements idk how to explain it and just my breathing feels off like weird.......I just can't stop worrying

  • Well the breathing yes. So that messes us up.

  • Did you by any chance take an antibiotic before this started getting so bad? Some of them can cause this stuff, in my case, Cipro and later Avalox turned out to be the culprit. I had all the tests, etc, all 'normal' results and the doctors never asked about the antibiotics, which can cause so many of these things, and often with delayed reactions so we don't connect the dots.

  • No not really well I had my first panic attack when I was 12 it's been off and ever since I was fine until a month or 2 ago

  • Hi, I can feel your frustration and disbelief that you are experiencing this. I too have has similar for the past yr. Prior to that I'd been on Paxil and led a fairly normal life, other than triggered panic attacks once in a while. I find deep breathing makes me feel like I want to pass out, then the panic hits so I try to avoid doing breathing exercises. After going off Paxil I had horrible full blown drug withdrawal issues for 11 months. They are still holding on but in place of constant nausea and crying it is full blown fear or terror I'm going to die, even though I try to logic it NOT to be. I am on several meds, see a physciatrist, and just took a cognitive behavioural course (you need to have a strong co operative mind for this!) I too had many different tests done last Dec. All negative. I also wonder if and when drs. will say "don't bother me, there is nothing wrong with you!" Can you try to keep yourself busy with an activity or music, reading, crafting etc. I know it does not always help. I hate myself for waking shaking and shivering afraid I am going to die "today" feel so helpless and a failure. Don't give up...keep fighting it! You are not alone

  • Omg thank you so much it means allot

  • Take one day at a time....if it's a good one.....sing, dance, laugh, enjoy every minute. If it's a bad day "try" to remember good memories from your life and family. As I type this I have battles all day with semi panic and an over active mind. Let's hope we both receive a Christmas "miracle".

  • Thank you so much it really helps

  • I think that since we are "unique" and very often whether purposely or not "put down" or waved aside with our trials and tribulations, that it is comforting to know others like us exist!

  • Yea I agree with you 100 percent my 2 older sisters and my dad have anxiety I just feel like mine is worse but then my sister tells me like no it's not it comforts me because they know how it feels

  • Anxiety tends to be hereditary they say, but I can find no link in my family. Just "lucky" I guess. I find some days are far worse than others, and if I do have a drs. appointment for a specific problem, I worry my head off in advance. I have often been told "then don't go!"....yes, makes sense but!!!!! I don't like big crowds for the most part. Unfortunately my panic disorder can go full blown very fast if there is a "trigger" and lately every day seems to be the trigger. I did a LOT of research on Paxil and if I'd know then what I know now would never have gone on it.....however, I do not think there is a prescription medication out there that has NO "horror" possible side effects. One thing they did really stress at CBT class was "stay OFF the internet" and looking up symptoms! Oh sooooooooo true.

  • Yes that's one thing I do and I scare myself sick lol same here I just feel like a different person I hyperventilate and I don't know it it's crazy but your not alone I already made my plan to tapper off of the lexapro but I just need help to taper off the Ativan

  • the class instructor was right though, some things we just don't or shouldn't go looking for, as it always seems the worse case scenario. I have Ativan but it was never meant to be taken on a regular basis, it is for "emergency use" only......over use can diminish it's effectiveness. I am trying a new one this week that is supposed to help the thoughts in your head and your thinking. I will go into it positively and not be a doubter. I only wish something could turn our "thinkers" off or to a new channel lol Since the horrible withdrawal from paxil, everything seems to scare me too. A headache is a brain tumor, a croaky voice is throat cancer, nausea was "stomach cancer" (not), my funny breathing is heart/lung related. It could go on forever. The one thing we must attempt to hold on to is to admit to ourselves that in many cases we know we are being illogical and that is where mindfulness and cognitive behavior comes in.....but not an easy thing to do.

  • Oh yea I know but I only take 0.5 mg of Ativan at night because I do get allot of panic attacks at night

  • I have .2mg sublingual, sometimes it calms me others it doesn't. I keep the radio on in the house all the time when I am alone, it seems to help. If your family, who suffer with similar anxiety live close to you, could you all get together like in CBT class. Each speak and talk about their problems and feelings, then the rest of you. try to encourage and help?

  • We do that not like a group but we do get together and just talk about it and we just support eachother

  • you are fortunate you do have people who understand exactly what you are going through. At the start of CBT class we were to list our worse fear, then the side effects that came with it. On the other side off the paper we were to write IF it came true? Did id actually happen? If not what DID happen. If only there was just one cure fits all. At times this is not what I call "living"

  • Yea that's one thing they tell me has it happened before.....I guess it's weird because now I'm having intrusive thoughts I'm scared that I might hurt someone or myself and it scares me ....

  • in most cases our worse scenario has not truly happened, but try to tell yourself that when you are full blown panic. The mind is the strongest organ in the body, my dr. told me, I believe him 100% Perhaps your phyciatrist should think about a change of meds or you could ask to try cognitive behavioral scessions. Try to tell yourself that you do NOT wish to hurt yourself and have that to deal with along with other issues.....nor hurt anyone else. If it gets too strong I would suggest making an appointment with your dr. asap

  • Yea I seen both my doctor's for it and they just tell me a thought is just a thought nothing else and they just tell me that I just obsess over something that scares me like suicide or hurting someone because I'm scared of it

  • go back to happy memories in your life, get out a happy old photo, think back to those times. If you get any ideas that you have an "ailment" do not research it on the net, it just puts more fear in us. About the best help I have found so far when the panic is bad is cold air, go for a short walk, keep the radio on....keep yourself occupied

  • I will I tend to get out that mind set by telling myself it's just a thougt and that I will never do it but i just get scared

  • fear can be all consuming to some of well I know!!!! When our logical mind is dealing with our illogical thoughts, it is a battle. I wish I knew how to nip fear in the bud. Nothing much helps. Talking to those who will listen is a starter....but many get fed up with hearing the same old same old over and over, and I do understand that.

  • I know allot of people have gave up on me

  • people like us tend to irk or annoy those who do not understand....we do NOT want to be like this. You need to have a couple of supporters, keep close to your family, perhaps join a group for people with panic disorder or anxiety? I have sure found out there are a LOT more like us in the world than I thought!

  • I think I will try tooo

  • Everything scares me

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