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Need some encouragement


Hi... first post here, looking for some encouragement (aren’t we all).

The last few years I have dealt with anxiety, the physical symptoms for me are the worst. My body becomes very hypersensitive to everything and of course the hamster wheels spins in my head...”will this ever get better”.

I’ve been on lexapro 3 separate times. I switched a month ago to fluoxetine because I felt I wasn’t getting any better on the third round of lexapro (genetic).

I’m 1 month into fluoxetine and my anxiety is super heightened, I know this is normal but honestly hearing someone else’s story or that this is normal would help. Sometimes I wonder if my body truly is lacking chemicals and do I really need SSRI’s or should I give up and go all natural. I haven’t experience this switch of “oh my gosh I feel so much better” with SSRI’s. I just want my life back, to feel normal and not have to think about how crappy I feel every other minute. My trust is in the Lord but this is truly a battle I am tired of fighting. Can anyone give me advice on their experience with SSRI’s. What symptoms did you feel going on medication and how long. Any encouragement would be great! Thanks!!!

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Give it a bit longer, I recall there is a genetic test you can do to see what meds are best for you. I have just read this I have no experience but also from what I’ve ready it can take up to two months to start feeling a difference x

Hootieann in reply to Amz1987

Thanks for your reply. Yes there’s genetic testing, I’ve looked into it but your doctor has to be a ‘member’ so to speak. I’ve called other doctors that the site lists and you have to be an established patient.

Amz1987 in reply to Hootieann

Ah ok, that’s a bit of a bummer then! It’s amazing how different the health care system works around the world.

Hello my friend, just like you I have been on Prozac (fluoxetine) for just over 3 weeks and my anxiety and depression has gone through the roof I have tremors palpitations and none stop crying I am on 20 mgs daily what are you on.I went back to my Dr on Friday and he said to stay on them because it can take 6 weeks before you start to feel the effects,I feel like climbing the wall most days and living alone doesn’t help,keep in touch with me and let me know how you’re feeling big hug to you x

Hootieann in reply to 9everton

I’m on 10 mg daily. I take it in the morning. My doctor told me before I even started the meds, 20 mg would probably be what helps me but he started me at 10mg. It’s been a little over 4 weeks. Ugh! I’ve been on lexapro (generic) 10mg three separate times. I decided to switch because I felt like I was getting no where.

Lexapro took me a full 10-12 weeks but I still didn’t feel great.

Fluoxetine has heightened my anxiety, I’m not a depressed person but I feel very sad. My skin is crawling especially my arms and legs with uncomfortable tingling sensations. My sleep is disturbed, I feel like I toss and turn. I have an annoying headache. I feel nauseous and get emotional. It’s just flat out an uncomfortable feeling. I’m trying to hang in there but it’s hard. I do take Klonopin (generic) not very often but I feel like it too isn’t helping, just makes me tired and leaves me with a hang over headache the next day.

I always question if this medication is something my body truly needs... I would love to go all natural but I just don’t know where to start.

I did try acupuncture for a bit, I would like to start again. I know I need to exercise. It I find every excuse under the sun.

I can complete sympathize with you and know that you’re not alone.

I’m hoping to see my doctor tomorrow and let him know where I’m at.

Thanks for replying and giving you a hug back too!

9everton in reply to Hootieann

Hi just wanted to know how your feeling and are you still taking fluoxetine ,I can honestly say I have never felt so bad in my life real bad tremors and palpitations Dr.said it was all part of side effects but they are making me feel ill and I have only taken 24 tablets so don’t know how or if I can continue with this feeling so sad and crying none stop. Lots of good health to you soon xx

Hootieann in reply to 9everton

Oh friend, I’m sorry that your going thru such a rough patch. But just know you made it thru one more day. At least you got some confirmation from your doctor that it’s the meds even thou it doesn’t make your body feel any better. Yes, I’m still taking my meds. Ugh! I took a few days off work and went back today. I’ve been suffering with a headache for the last week, dizziness, nausea and of course my good friend anxiety. I’m still in the same boat. I’m just about week 5 in to it. Praying for a miracle.

Sending you strength!

9everton in reply to Hootieann

Hello my friend how are you feeling?I have just completed 1month and feel worse than ever,panic attacks Depression shakes did you suffer any of these symptoms any advice would be very appreciated xx

I am telling you my experience but it’s not advice - just a perspective so you can make your own choice in consultation with a psychologist/psychiatrist you trust.

I was on a couple of SSRIs in my life and they all had side effects that outweighed any good they did. For me CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) having a mentor, going to therapy every week and making sure my diet and excercise along with taking supplements for gut health has so far been my best regime. I also try to attend groups for my disorder.

SSRIs are about 50 percent effective. For me that’s too much of a risk but I have had friends who have taking things like Wellbutrin and other who were able to feel less depressed.

Ssri drugs are all about serotonin and keeping serotonin in your system they are prescribed without the patient being tested for low serotonin so if you have given them a try and they don't help it must mean you don't need serotonin and may need dopamine instead dopamine is the opposite of serotonin

The downfall to SSRI’s is waiting for them to kick in. I know so many have had great experience with the right one. It takes such patience. Try to hang in there and keep your mind busy meanwhile.

I’ve been on and off Lexapro many times. It seems to be the right one for me. Waiting for it to kick in is not fun at all. Try doing the tensing exercises. Where you tense each part of your body, then relax. Also try stretching and yoga poses. Many good ones for anxiety on Pinterest. Stay hydrated. Get lots of rest. Hang in there, and hope you feel better soon!

I have suffered on and off all my life with anxiety and also have had post natal depression. I know that drugs have their place but from experience I would definitely give CBT a try. Also I started making myself do one thing a week for me. In my case it was going for a swim, how ever bad I felt! Also start taking vitamin D tablets you will be amazed how much better you will feel. Most people in the Uk are vit D deficient. Good luck with your onward journey x


I really feel for you, it is so tough waiting for antidepressants to kick in.

I was very lucky and was given an effective one first off. It is an SNRI, and at higher doses does increase dopamine as well.

It is Effexor or Venlafaxine in the UK. It took 4 months for me to get my life back from GAD, severe and sudden onset from a life trauma. I also had depression at first as well. After a year I was very well and am still very well after a further year. I am on 187.5 mg, a slightly above average dose but still room to increase if need be.

Effexor can work when other meds have failed I have read, but is also difficult to get onto, very unpleasant increase in symptoms for the first month or two in my case and get be very difficult to get off but I have no plan to try to unless it stops working for me.

Take advice from your Doctor, 4 weeks is very early days so hopefully you will find you start to feel alot better in due course.

I have also found lifestyle changes very important, message me if you want more details of the programme I followed. It involves activities and working through symptoms as well as excercise and rest and working towards a positive attitude and learning not to fear symptoms.

From my experience a combination of both therapy/lifestyle and antidepressants is very effective and research indicates this also.

Very best wishes.


I know how hard this should also be on a very small amount of ativan or xanax to help you get through the extra anxiety caused by the meds. That is the only way I got through it. Lexipro wasn't good for me. I have tried SO MANY...prayed for 30 years for it to go away...still rearing its ugly head. Sometimes it is good and I go days feeling great. I was on helped for 10 years..then stopped for no reason. Horrible side effects...Nortriptyline did the same thing...prozac helped but made me so foggy I couldn't are just a test rat until you find the one that works...unless you have the money or insurance that will cover testing to see which one will help you. I am not that fortunate. Your mind plays the main role in this. It is complicated. I am sorry you have to deal with it. Even as I write, my face is tingling and I feel one coming on...ughhh... I pray you find peace of mind and comfort....and the med that helps you...all you are going through is normal...but you would do better with a little help from your dr with ativan or the least while you are getting on the med..and off if you decide...NEVER quit cold turkey... dangerous and awful.

Thank you for replying! I do have Klonopin (generic) although I don’t like to take it often cause I feel hung over sometimes with it. I have not tried Ativan or Xanax maybe I can switch to one of those. I wish I could go a more natural route, it makes me get anger sometimes that I’m on medicine. Like I’ve failed or can’t do it. Mind over matter for sure. The physical symptoms suck along with the emotional side of anxiety. I’m sure my husband is so tired of hearing me talk about. I’m tired of talking about it. How do we switch our minds to not focus on worrying, anxiety and the physical pain it brings? I’m a believer and have had many talks with God... I’m believing in a miracle, for all of us! My faith truly helps me, but I’m tired.

Hi. Wanted to check in... how are you feeling?

I can send heart's! 🖤💜♥️ These are always good.

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