Anxiety, thyroid or just going insane!?

Hi all

I feel like I'm going crazy! My body feels just crap and out of sorts just feel completely off balance. Had tests done all fine except last year I had low b12 so had 6 injections then they said I'd be fine after that. I also had (and still have) low vit D and now low folate too. I did suffer a lot of stress last year which I know can affect your body but I just can't get back to what feels relatively normal. Feel tired ,cold, irritable, my mood is all over the place, pains, twitching and spawning, itchy skin, bruising randomly on legs (also been told I have ibs around 4 years ago ) I had private bloods done for thyroid and an antibody test came back pretty high at 81.1 but that's in a null area not postitive not negative but gp said that test was pointless anyway.

Anyway now he just thinks it's all anxiety and keeps mentioning meds to me I've had CBT three times already so he said meds are only way to go but I don't want that.

I'm so confused what's going on with my body! :(


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  • I feel the same but I have aways had anxiety,but now wondering if thyroid is to blame, had test showing overactive second test normal but still have all the symptoms, but being told it's anxiety, I think I've lost the plot going to go today can't live like this anymore.

  • I know they blame anxiety all the time and I know it causes a lot of symptoms but I felt I was getting on okay after 3 lots of Cbt (thought it was a pile of rubbish to start with) but then you subconsciously use the techniques. I'd moved to Edinburgh then London within 6 months and not long after moving to London my grandad passed and that was it then my body went awol was like it brought everything that had been there before but I was coping out 10x worse. Are you on medication for anxiety if you don't mind me asking?

  • yes I am on tabs but feel crazy since December, see endo, he said thyroid is normal but see me again in may saying it anxiety or menopause don't think its menopause, I've be on thyroid uk alot of people just like us, do you hand and feet go really cold, num and like white or greyish I always have night sweat, wait loss, lose bowel insomnia but I've always had problems sleeping, very panicky shaking, my legs are like jelly. Is you're overactive or under?

  • I don't have a clue I feel like I'm between the two it feels like it changes I'm cold all the time but loose bowels and no weight gain, yes I have the cold hands and feet that was put down to Raynaud's phenomenon as my fingers go white and numb and yes always jelly legs like you have no strength. I've not been diagnosed with any thyroid condition as all my results are normal just my thyroid antibody test came up at 81.1 where negative is less than 60 and positive is over 100 so I was in a null area but I don't understand if my thyroid results are normal why isn't that test also in normal range. I've been on the thyroid page too and they all say my results show thyroid towards hashimoto's thyroiditis and thyroid does run in my family.

  • I feel like mines the same in between I don't know if its runs in my family, but looks like if you're in range the don't do anything and put it down to anxiety, so if it's hormones will tablets work I so anxious all the time and emotional, it settles about 10 pm but I don't sleep well will it ever go.

  • I don't know but you'd think if you were on medication for anxiety it would help but obviously it's not.

  • just come from gp and she's up meds because I'm on a very low dose, so although I have symptoms of thyroid I can't live like this I've been feeling like this since December, I hate talking tablets but I cant go on living if it like this so no choice. The thing is they put all the symptoms we are having down to anxiety. Maybe it is who knows.

  • I know they look at us like we're stupid because we're not trained but you know your body best. Have you had any other therapy before tablets?

  • no never been offered anything, I was reading about it the nhs give tablets first if they work they don't offer anything else, I've been going to mind recover college for stress, anxiety and depression, but it was only 4wks so looking for another group I've never done anything like this before I think this helps too.

    I just can't seem to do anything that I would normally do any extra stress and I'm in tears total shut down, think I've lost the plot. Have you been offered anything? I know someone who's had 3lots of counselling doesn't make sense to me.

  • I have had cognitive behavioural therapy 3 times until now I've never been offered medication whether it's because I'm young I don't know. But it's still hard to get your head around it especially if you've had anxiety for a long time as it's meant to be trying to change your mental thinking so you re assess situations and find evidence to test your irrational thoughts

  • you're lucky I've been doing recovery college with mind its based on CBT but only runs for 4wks so looking for a new group.

  • I know I have been with referrals. You should ask your doctor to refer you to see someone to try a different treatment to tablets. Cbt is only short anyway usually I had two courses of low intensity which were about 5weeks but it was the second lady who noticed it wasn't working for me and sent me for a more intense course

  • Same condition i am also facing low vitamin b12 low vitamin d3 ,severe pressure in my head sometimes difficult to walk,my head is so heavy

  • Do you take supplements ?

  • I did take supplement but read not to until I have bloods taken in may because it might mess with results.

  • Wow how do you cure it ?? I feel like that rn with chest feels weired Madhur100

  • That's what we'd all like to know :)

  • Hi did you check for candida infection? Most commonly it is undiagnose

  • My mom thought this. I had swabs which came back as just yeast that's all doc said never told me to get medication or anything but I went to boots and got tablet for thrush. Does that cause a drop in vitamins?

  • No i dont think so, but anxiety, stress other symptoms that you have mention above is also a factors of systemic candida. Try to self test or diy at home to find out if you have candida get a clear glass of water spit there done this in the morning without brushing or wash mouth. If positive for candida saliva will fall down and its a like a stringy the bottom is cloudy. It has a lot of image on google to see its example. Just try nothing would harm us if we try.

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