well, where do i start? have suffered with anxiety for about 2 months now i didnt know what was happening too me in my head i was going too die i went and got my self checked out everthing was fine but since that day i have not been my self been too see my GP i had blood test done and there came back okay have been given ant-idepressants its just a everyday think for me now feeling dizzy weakness in the knees chest pain going too pass out cant sleep at night sometimes i get headaches really fast heart rate get really hot than cold my problem is i cant accept its anxiety always thinking there is something medically wrong with me i get so scared thats its getting worse and i am going too die and that am going too go crazy am a 20 years old i should be out enjoying my self but it seens like its taking over my life i have not been out in weeks not seen any off my friends its making me depressed i sit there everday so convinced that there is something medically wrong with me worse at night am thinking about therapy see if that helps a little can i get any advice or anyone like me?

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  • Hi jodiep hang in there .this anxiety is like a roller coaster ride but believe me you'll be ok . Therapy sounds good try any that helps you I can honestly tell you I know how you feel .

  • Thank you definitely makes me feel Better talking too someone what's going through the same think.

  • Isn't anxiety crazy? Although it is not a disease, it makes us feel like we have a disease that is trying to kill us. Body aches, panic, stomach, muscles, heartburn, temperature fluctuations, headaches, and more. We always feel awful! The stress DOES make our bodies weak and makes our immune system low, so we maybe walking around with a slight viral infection. Anyway, the only way to get better is to get rid of our anxiety and work really hard to take care of ourselves so we can get back on level (thereapy, eating right, exercising, breathing, meditation, laughing, friends, and more). Remember, you may have a bug (man are they going around) and they can last a few weeks. A bug on top of anxiety is the proverbial straw! It puts us over the edge!

  • Hi your not alone Hun it's an awful illness and it effects lots of people ,I've suffered for year I had a baby that changed my life and I got postnatal depression ,I still suffer as afraid of commitment which drives me nuts ,Iam now a grandmother and love my granddaughter but I get scared of looking after her I get very anxious , take all the help you can Hun , I live alone now but try to keep lots friends , please talk to as many as you can take care x

  • I have a bad taste in my mouth all the time and can't taste much thinks as anyone else add the same symptom?

  • you can do it, anxiety can be treated, speak to your doctor and tell them everything - medication can take a month or so before you get used to it and feel the benefits and request CBT therapy as its wonderful

    one thing that helps me is when I'm getting anxious is to think what I'm i get anxious for? I'm I worrying about a situation, something i said? or am i worrying about worrying

    write it down and write down things that justify that worry and things that don't i.e if I'm worrying about an unknown call, I'm bound to be a bit worried because you don't know who it is, thats natural, however i also think who cares, if i don't pick up its not going to cause any harm and it kind of changes my thinking on ti

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