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Bad morning anxiety

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Morning all

Well my morning anxiety is back again 😢

I’ve felt good for a few months then had a death in the family now I’m all anxious I can’t stop shaking I’m getting pains everywhere so I’m being my usual drama queen self and thinking the worst that something is wrong with me medically I’ve been drs he’s sending me for a ct scan on my abdomen now I’m scared something is wrong this is horrible my health anxiety is high at the minute and I can’t seem to calm myself down cx

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Hello Nat :-)

Sorry to see you are suffering , you are not on your own

I have felt like this the last 11 months every single day no days of

You would think after 3 heart attacks , been told if you don't have Bypass surgery which we know I have now you have 2 years that health anxiety would leave you alone because that is enough to deal with but I have realised how evil health anxiety is because despite all this it has moved onto other things and has been doing all the way through going through this which I have found unbelievable !

One thing I have noticed though is the fear that something is major wrong is actually worse than the actual outcome that fear creates , I know we don't know how to stop it because unless you suffer no one knows how powerful it can be

But try and not easy , no one has actually said you have anything as yet the Doctor is just guessing and to be honest I don't have much faith in them but have my reasons , he is sending you to check and if and it is an if you do have a cyst which is what he mentioned and nothing else thousands get them and the professionals get them sorted asp without a problem

Try and keep telling yourself this over and over again , when those negative thoughts come in say stop , I am getting looked at , Doc said a cyst , this can be sorted and you health anxiety can leave me alone , the health anxiety is more harmful at times than what we may or may not have wrong with us

I know you are so much stronger than you think and you will hate me saying that because these last 11 months and still continuing if one more person says that to me I feel like screaming wondering where they are looking , but I suppose when I look back I did go through an awful lot , kicking and screaming maybe but I did it and you will face this to , yes maybe lots of fear and worry regretfully but you will come through it

Just imagine having this scan and they say , nothing wrong , you will kick yourself and think there I went again running ahead for nothing

You will be fine honestly when you are in a state and cannot reason with your own mind then let others be the reasoning , trust us when you cannot trust your own thoughts until you have peace again and you will soon and I hope that scan comes quick so this stops tormenting you

I am in a state with my stomach and my health anxiety despite not been over this Bypass going of just the same as you , I have no answers as such how we stop this but knowing we are not alone and you are not can be a little comfort and I hope it helps you knowing this :-) x

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Natsteveo in reply to BeKind28

Bev thanks so much for your kind words and yeh your right babes health anxiety is so so hard to live with and like you said the fear is mainly worse than the outcome it’s just as you know when your in that mind set nothing you do can ease it from tormenting you .. I can’t eat only drinking juice I just can’t bring myself to eat anything at all I’m so consumed with it … but you still manage to answer everyone even after your heart bypass your blooming amazing 😻 I know what ya mean about the drs and my scan but you know what it’s like when they tell you that you need a X-ray or a ct scan your fears go through the roof dosnt it I will get there I know we both will eventually it’s just so scary ain’t it

Nat xx

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BeKind28 in reply to Natsteveo

I am having issues with my stomach now getting carried away as I do , I think we both know what thoughts I will be having and yet the sensible answer would be and I would tell someone else is I am on so many tablets and 2 they have changed and when they did this started that this is no doubt behind this yet the health anxiety is doing just the same to me I did not eat yesterday either and only had a little for breakfast because I have to down all these meds in a bit and my stomach needs lining as we say Chase that scan up if you can m get back to the Doctors and see if they can push it on a bit tell them what this is causing and if they have half an ounce of empathy they will try and get you in asp because I know till they have you will worry no matter what so be a pain in the you know what and keep pushing to get it done

I know you would not want to do this but one way of getting things done quicker is going to A&E just a thought at least they scan and x ray you when you end up there but if you can wait till that appointment then do so but let your Doctor know you are not coping and don't worry what they think they are not feeling how you are , no doubt never will and you are the most important person so tell yourself that , if we don't fend for ourselves no one else will and I know you can :-) x

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Natsteveo in reply to BeKind28

We a right pair together ain’t we and a right trio with our Amanda 😘 the truth is we never take our own advice can we I can give anyone advice but never take my own advice … do you think your tummy is because of all your meds and obvs with not eating properly it could be irritating it a little bit like me really too my stomach been on fire for a few days now with pain especially when I can’t eat proper cuz I’m so anxious xx

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BeKind28 in reply to Natsteveo

O yes a right trio the best in town :-D Common sense says yes they changed some of my meds and I have been having this problem since and of course not eating

Health anxiety brain well you know what that is doing and it is even doing overtime !

True though and frustrating we can give advice because we do know the answers but take it ourselves well just about impossible !

I hope you are feeling a little more relaxed :-) x

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b1b1b1 in reply to BeKind28

Try to eat a healthy diet. My husband did not want to eat in the hospital because he did not like the food. (What a baby). The nurses told him eating is very important for healing. If you aren't hungry, try an Ensure.

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BeKind28 in reply to b1b1b1

Hello :-)

I have eaten better today so hope it helps and I have to say I am like that to in Hospital I cannot eat their food but to be honest it is not good at all :-(

I hope you are doing alright :-) x

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Natsteveo in reply to BeKind28

I ate a few things more yesterday too xx

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BeKind28 in reply to Natsteveo

O That is good to hear :-)

I have had a really down day yesterday and woke up the same today not coping at all

I hope you can do the same today and eat a little more :-) x

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Natsteveo in reply to BeKind28

Hey babes I woke up ok ish but I’m beside myself now all of a sudden I was ok but just came on outta nowhere like always .. managed to make some weetabix and banana just feel bloated badly xx

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BeKind28 in reply to Natsteveo

My stomach has a mind of its's own at the moment not sure how much is IBS , anxiety or the cocktail of meds I have to take such a mess trying to work it all out Yours will be your anxiety and causing your IBS to flare up

I also went to bed having panic attacks and woke up having them and like you I just don't seem to be able to calm myself down

I would do anything not to have health anxiety x

Hi Nat sorry you are anxious I would like to share with you and others a simple way to make your body alkaline - alkaline is the opposite of acidic - acidity is associated with heartburn and anxiety - alkaline is associated with calmness and good health

Cut up a chunk of cucumber and some melon - 1/3 cucumber 2/3 melon ( I use honeydew atm but whatever you prefer ) put them in the blender and add approx half a cup of water ,wizz, drink and enjoy the feeling of calmness good health

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Lizzo30 in reply to Lizzo30

I have even lost weight by drinking this gorgeous alkaline smoothie

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Natsteveo in reply to Lizzo30

Thank you for this I will go Tesco and get the ingredients and give it a whirl thanks

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Jstbcuz in reply to Lizzo30

What is Wizz?

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BeKind28 in reply to Jstbcuz

Hello :-)

Nat said give it a whirl

Here in the UK we say that meaning we will give it a go :-D x

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Lizzo30 in reply to Jstbcuz

Put it in a food blender

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Lizzo30 in reply to Jstbcuz

Wizz means putting it in a food blender / liquidiser

This is so strange. I just logged on and first thing i saw was what i have been feeling for a few days now, today being the absolute worst. Morning anxiety and i also had a death of a close one, my friends father,.

What is it with the anxiety being revved up in the mornings i wonder, it's downright scary to me.

You are not alone. x

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Hope4me1 in reply to Kathush

I hear it’s a build up of cortisol in the brain. I have it and it’s part of my GAD.

I am so sorry that you are suffering like this! I have felt the same way recently. I have tried listening to The Anxiety Guy on You Tube. He is awesome! He has suffered with anxiety in the past and he really relates to anyone who has suffered with anxiety. He cares. I have listened to him and I feel better. I would also encourage you to purchase Calm on your phone for anxiety. It helps as well. I hope that these suggestions will help. I’m about to listen to Calm now. I hate anxiety symptoms! Please continue to share your experiences! It is a big comfort to know that we are not alone in this anxiety fight!😁😁😁

Thanks all for your kind suggestions and advice means the world I’m not alone xx

Hey, I'm really sorry that you are going through all that pain. I also went through something like this for a long time. I had stomach ulcer for 3 months because of anxiety and I was having lot of pain in my stomach, back, and neck. My pains and anxiety reduced as my dr gave me medicines for the ulcer and something for anxiety.

So don't worry. Its not permanent. Just take the medicines, exercise, eat good food and it will reduce a lot. Go to a therapist if possible. Mental and physical pains are related and one affects the another. After some time it will go away. I'm talking from experience.

So just stay there and be strong for some time!!

Hoping you are feeling better now Anxiety can really be a pain when it wants to. Sorry for your loss.💔

Sorry to hear about your loss. Stay strong .. hope you feel better soon.

Try some camomile herbal tea, especially before bed but you can try one during the day if bad, but may make you a little sleepy. Try to go to bed fairly early to get a good nights sleep every night. Super important. Also, go for walks a few times a day and do some exercises if you can or not active enough 🙂. God bless.

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