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Not having good night/anxiety high


Not having a good night tonight at all. My allergies have been so bad today, I can barley breathe through my nose, I'm hot, my head feels heavy. I was ok earlier today but now I feel very uneasy and I'm scared I'm going to have a full blown panic attack. I keep thinking I'm dizzy or I'm going to faint or that I'm going to die and I just really REALLY am tired of this. I'm trying not to be so hard on myself and I'm trying to breath and pray & just get my self together but I just feel scared, & then again with my vision that always feels off and feels like I'm in a dream, still scares me and idk if that's just me and anxiety or if there's something actually wrong with me.

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Hi it does all sound like anxiety to me i have a lot of these symptoms and yes it sucks. When it gets too much for me i lay down in my room and do some relaxation or meditation. If you dont like the quiet as I often dont i listen to relaxation videos . It can help along with knowing it is anxiety and your not alone.


A lot of allergies come from Milk Tomatoes and Soy also try and cut out plastic being used with your food or water these all have really high amounts of phenols and plastic is made from phenols,

there is also a theory that all allergies are related to B6 & Zinc deficiency

Sulfur neutralizes foreign proteins, such as pollen allergens very fast. check some of my other posts to learn about the correct sulphur.

If these don't work mail me and ill try and find a paper that shows you how to combat your allergies although the process is quite a long one, I cant find it right now.

Hi there I had the same problem its horrible couldn't talk to anyone tried to but they just say am being silly and laugh which makes it worse and being a male they tell me to pull myself together which again makes me feel so low and alone hope you have better support . Steven x

Kris5 in reply to Stevendb

Your not silly for feeling what you feel. You should try and see a professional if your loved ones aren't supporting you! you deserve to be understood and get the help you need.

Hi there how's you today

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