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up all night with panic attacks


well I've been up all night crying with what my dr said yesterday I cant get it out my head im constantly thinking the worst all the time thinking I'm going to die and my time is up

Its totally ridiculous I know but I cant shake it off at all its so scary


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Hi Nat its not ridiculous to feel that way. If you feel that way then you feel that way. Its only natural to be concerned.

Natzsteveo in reply to ma65

I just can't get the drs words out my head its scary and I'm full of panic


ma65 in reply to Natzsteveo

Thats understandable did they say they are going to do any tests?

Natzsteveo in reply to ma65

Not yet he says he wants me to go 4 weeks then go back if it hasn't healed he will send it fir a biopsy but hes not worried but I am now hes say the word skin cancer


ma65 in reply to Natzsteveo

Your focus is on that dreaded C word but he also said he was not worried . Did you say you have had it for about a year?

Natzsteveo in reply to ma65

Yeah its not changed in size or bled or anything its the fact he said worse case scenario the c word but he did say its treatable but I cant focus on that im kust focusing on what bad he said


ma65 in reply to Natzsteveo

Iam not medically trained Nat but all the signs look good . iam sure you will be ok.


Im wake to, Ive got terrible insomnia.

Just want to reassure you you are not going to die from this. Even if biopsied, this has a very high cure rate. Your doctor would NOT have sent you home the way he did as it would have been so wrong of him to do that, it’s NOT your time.

I hate so much your feeling this way. I hope you’ll find a way to get some sleep (for both of us). 🌺💜

Natzsteveo in reply to Hidden

yeah me too I know what your saying it just scary when you've got health anxiety its awful

I seem to focus on the bad things

Nat xx

Hello Nat :-)

Still in a state myself I am crying to :-(

Woke up with pain in my leg thinking now I have a thrombosis it never ends and the other situation has not calmed down and normal as yet :-(

Last night I started with the worse panic attack ever !!!

I always feel no one is as bad as me , I am not sure you feel this way to ?

I am going to put a link on , please try and listen to it , he says wear headphones but I don't , at first I am still panicking but half way through he has made me relaxed this is how I calmed down enough to go to bed last night , I know it is hard to even start to listen to something when you are in a state but if this works or helps a little for me then fingers crossed I am hoping you will give it a try and it might help you , listen to it in the day to if it does :-)

I do not think for one minute you have cancer I really don't

They took a mole of my Daughters leg a couple of years ago it was fine but seriously after a year you would have known

Your time is not up I promise and you are certainly not ridiculous you are suffering with HA like me and many others and it is debilitating , but you will get through this :-)

Here is the link :-)

Take Care x


If he says he's not worried, then he's not worried ! If he was, he wouldn't tell you to come back in 4 weeks, he would have referred you almost straight away if he was that concerned. A worrier myself sometimes, a good friend often tells me - worry about something WHEN it happens, not IF it might happen. Have you tried ringing The Samaritans ? I once was a volunteer for them and just to speak to somebody day or night is a help.

lulu-1 in reply to warbaby42

Hello :-)

I have heard the saying to worry about something when there is something to worry about and yes it makes sense but when you have severe anxiety all sense goes through the window it really does but people keep reminding us does help even though I know as a sufferer how hard it is to try and absorb and take it on board :-)

I bet knowing how anxiety feels you would have been brilliant on Samaritans , I have been using them an awful lot this last year and have to say what an amazing job they do , I would have been lost without them at times , just someone verbally listening to you can really make a huge difference I really don't feel they get enough recognition for the wonderful job they do , anyone in the UK should give them a ring , I say try it if you don't like it then you don't have to phone again but I cannot imagine anyone coming of the call and not feeling a little different for calling :-) x

Natzsteveo in reply to lulu-1

Samaritan are amazing aint they they have helped me through so much too

Nat xx

lulu-1 in reply to Natzsteveo

Yes and they really make you feel they care as well as you are not a nuisance , I don't know how they do it and they volunteer and get paid nothing and are the 24/7 every day of the year !

They deserve a medal ! :-) x

Hi lulu

So happy to see your name 💗

I'll be like this for at least a week i had and I too think i have it the worst noone as bad as me too its a HA thing isn't it

I had bad anxiety and panic all through the night 2am,4am and 5am then up at 7am so absolutely shattered i get pains in my legs too 😫 its so tiring isn't it im saying to myself its not anything bad but that nasty ha voice is always winning...going to listen to this now lulu 😌

Thanks for your support

Nat xxx

lulu-1 in reply to Natzsteveo

Hello :-)

I know I feel yes I know others have HA but it can't be as bad as mine affects me because you feel so bad you cannot imagine anyone else could feel this way

I know it is like 2 voices fighting the sensible one with the HA one going of in your head only trouble is HA seems to be stronger and win !

Try that link a couple of times , it may not be for you or when you feel just slightly calmer give it another go but seriously I thought I needed help again last night and somehow I shut my eyes and listened to hi , panicked still for the first half and the next thing my hubby was nudging me I had dozed of listening

I'm here if you need me even though I am round the bend myself but you are not alone :-) x

Your not a round the bend you've just suffered thats all lime we all have

I'm going to have a listen shortly he has a soothing voice 😌

Nat xx

Dear Nat health anxiety is the worse possible thing to suffer from in mental health issues you can’t escape your thoughts and fears no matter who you talk too or who tells you it will be ok,as soon as you have stopped talking to them all the panic jumps right back at you,it’s like being mentally tortured and every pain or feeling is magnified 100% and you can’t breathe properly does all this sound familiar because that is how I am every day and a lot of our friends on site suffer the same,so don’t think your mad it’s part of our illness and you are a warrior and you are going to be fine.Sending you a massive 🤗 HUG xxxx take care and stay safe xx

Natzsteveo in reply to mydogs

Awww thanks so much

I couldn't of described it better myself mydogs that is exactly how I think constantly im so glad I saw your name too thanks so much for your continued support i really appreciate it xx

Nat xxx


I really, really feel for you as I know (as someone who also has health anxiety) that I would be feeling exactly the same as you are right now.

Sometimes I find it helpful to look at something from an outsiders perspective. Imagine someone else had written your post and said the things you have;

- Doctors not worried

- Doctors sent you home, nothing needs to be done right now

- It has no signs of being something bad - no bleeding/changes etc.

- Even in the worst case scenario, it’s treatable.

What would you be saying to someone else right now?

I also think it’s ok to phone the doctors or request another appointment if you’re not coping. Not because of your physical health but for your mental health. You shouldn’t be compromising one for the other - maybe you need to explain to the doctors that having this information for the next 4 weeks is going to make you mentally very unwell and see if there is something they can do. If the doctor had known the severity of your health anxiety, he’d have probably never said the ‘c word’ at this stage as he doesn’t think that’s likely.

You’re probably on for a bit of a bumpy ride over the next 4 weeks but we are all here for you.

You’ve had this worry for a year now and in 4 weeks time you’ll be free of it.

Hi EleanorRose

Thankyou so much for your support and advice this is so true ive never looked at it this way before..

I've always said I can advise other people but never take on my own advice

My drs are only doing triage assessment over the phone at the minute and if I say I need them to see me i always get well its not really important its not a Emergency they only saw me because I never stopped ringing and I needed the dr to look at it for peace of mind

Which didn't quite turn out as I'd hoped

I'm hoping all is well 🙏 I'm just at the highest peak of my health anxiety it will calm down shortly im sure I will get a clean bill of health its that " what if ?

Nat xx

Giving advice to other people is always so much easier than giving it to ourselves!

My health anxiety has always tended to focus on some specific things and one thing I’ve never worried about is my heart. I used to be ‘jealous’ of people whose health anxiety centred around their heart because it could be ‘easily explained by anxiety.’ Now I’ve started worrying about my heart and that ‘anxiety can cause this’ logic has gone completely out the window. 🙈 Anxiety can be so cruel in the way it makes us look at things but we have to try to remove the ‘anxiety-tinted glasses’ from time to time and look at things for what they are. So much easier to say than do!

You are going to be ok and you will get through this. You are stronger than the “what if” thoughts in your head.

Maybe you need a positive ‘what if’ - what if it’s ok and I’m wasting my time worrying?

Eleanor x

Hi nat

It’s not at all silly

It’s normal, even for a person without anxiety I would feel the exact same believe me. Is the doctor going to do any more test or anything.

At least if they do that they can rule it out and you can be at ease.

hi Edmonton81

He wants to give it 4 weeks to see if it heals first if not he said he will send me for a biopsy so fingers crossed it will just heal



Ok sounds good, in the mean time don’t mess with it leave it alone. Don’t rub it or anything. And try not to loot at it as well. Stay positive.

And keep me posted hun.

Good luck chick xx

I’m here if you wanna chat xx

aww thanks I will keep you posted dont worry and thank you so much for your support i really appreciate it

I'm not going to pick it ive left it alone and see what happens

Nat xx

Thats very true EleanorRose I often think yes what if I'm worried over nothi g because 9/10 it is nothing but I have to start thinking positively i can't go 4 weeks in this state for him to say jts cleared up and its ok hopefully anywY

Nat xx

I feel Your pain this has been for 2 weeks had blood work my calcium was high I googled it big mistake now I have to recheck to see if it comes down our minds are so strong try not to worry

Been there done that dr google is a nightmare

We are strong 💪

Nat xx

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