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Feels like my heart is skipping a beat winded feeling


Hi everyone,

So long story short i suffer from major anxiety about my health especially about heart attacks. I am 26 years old just had my second son may 2016. Had an ECG 2x now but i keep thinking i am going to. I keep getting this winded feeling like gasping for air like my heart skips a beat. Does this sound like anxiety or heart related? The more i think about it the worse it starts getting. I am takinh 150mg zoloft and .5 ativan. I still dont feel calm. Please help

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Everyone gets skipped beats some of us have the misfortune of feeling them. I hate them but they're part of my life and have been for 20 years. Less stress will minimize them.

Do you know I have recently realised, that when I get the skipped beats, I seem to be holding my breath...May be when I am concentrating, or just generally....I am a very shallow breather, because I am anxious I suppose.....I have googled it and it seems to make sense.

I find it hard to relax and breath deeply and calmly, but I am trying.

Hope this helps a bit. xx

Hi j feel the same sometime i take propanalol for palpitations nothing else but i do suffer from health anxiety the symptoms you describe do sound very much like mine so i would say it is anxiety related i no its hard to stay calm especially wen you get those symptoms but just try and focus on something else x

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