Skipped heart beat

Skipped heart beat

I have been getting horrible skipped heart beats and futters in my chest for a long time now, I have known for years that I have anxiety so I decided to ignore them until recently, Its actually really uncomfortable and exhausting, it feels like trapped wind or something, its really weird anyway I decided to take my pulse and I get a feezing of dizziness/relaxation when the oulse stops and then a little thud and some mild pain when it comes back, this happens almost constantly along with the flutters, anybody else get this, I had an ECG 3 months ago but this was not happening as much back then, anything I should be worrying about do you think? Or a common symtom for anxiety?


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  • Magnesium deficiency.

  • I like that you are consistent. :)

  • Lol..... So much comes down to a simple deficiency.

  • Don't know why you had the EKG three months ago when you were having the same issues then, but what did your doctor tell you about the results of that test?

  • I wasn't having skipped heart beats, I have an eating disorder so my heart rate goes quite low which is why I had the ECG

  • That explains a defiency.

  • I've been getting them more and more frequently as of late.

    From what I've read, it's common with anxiety.

    You should tell your doctor though since we aren't qualified to give medical advice!

  • I will, ugh damn health anxiety though I'm always worried about something ..

  • I have always had health anxiety but it got really intense lately due to several unexpected health issues that were quite frightening. I have recently met with a psychologist who specialises in health anxiety and will be doing a program with him, with the hope of overcoming my health anxiety - which is interfering with my life right now, as the anxiety is so high. You might want to search for a psychologist who specialises in health anxiety.

  • PVCS and PACS, is more than likely what you're having. I have them quite often myself as of late. However I've been thoroughly checked by my PCP and cardiologist. They are very common, and are usually benign and of no worry. But trust me I know how unpleasant they can be and how worrisome they can be.

  • Connecting with people here is awesome. Getting medical advice from anyone other than a Doctor where your heart is concerned, not a good plan. The heart is nothing to wait on or delay getting looked at. If I were you, I would go to an Emergency Room (because a specialist would take a while, then order a test that will take a while) so it can be tested right away.

  • Tell somebody with health anxiety to go to an emergency room .. good idea lol -.- I'm not asking for medical advise I'm more asking has anybody else ever had this as a symptom of anxiety, 3 months ago I went to the ER 6 times in one week with my heart and 4 time the next week etc etc , I've had over 20 ekg's, this is a new symptom but I have severe anxiety.

  • Also in England the emergency room usually means you'll be waiting 8 hours in total lol

  • Did not realize you were in the land of Robbie Williams and Pete Doherty :)

    I understand what you are saying now. I have had those symptoms too

  • ^=^ <3

  • I thought this was a UK website ran by the NHS?

  • I agree on deficiency. I have supplemented with Magnesium and multivitamins...huge help. I wish I had a suggestion for anxiety but mine is a bit out of control right now!

  • Oh and potassium may be an issue as well with an eating disorder. This happened to a friend...please be careful. I also find extra water helps my palpitations.

  • Thank you for the advise , ordered lots of supplements last night ^=*

  • Oh yes "skipped heartbeats" PAC'S PVC'S r extremely common with anxiety and ive had them for many years- magnesium is a godsend for these - it really helps- of course see doc first to rule out other causes ( thyroid issues etc)- 😊

  • At the doctor now ahhhh *fingers crossed*

  • xx

  • It wasn't happening when I was in there and happened straight away when I came out grrrr, he listened to my heart for a few seconds and that was it ugh stress :/

  • Harleycatpoison, but of course it wouldn't do it at the doctor's office. What the doctor hears in those few seconds is enough to make him know your heart is okay, whether it skips or not. It's not only the heart beat but the sounds of the heart and lungs that can reassure a doctor that everything is fine. Although it's sometimes a disappointment to hear the word "stress" again, try to take a positive attitude about his findings. Smile dear, you have all of us at the forum who understand and support you. Hope you make it a great day, well at least a good day. Treat yourself. Life is Good x

  • Thank you my dear, you have no idea how comforting it is to hear things like this from others! Which is why I make these posts! Thank you for being so supportive and saying things that really help me relax a little ^=^ I love you guys! ^^ 🖤

  • Funny thing is when I got this once, it made me nervous and it lasted up till I had a Doctor check me out w a 3 week heart monitor. When I was told it was nothing, they totally went away. Power of the mingle huh? Funny thing. If you've been checked out, trust your doc and know you're fine, even if it is scary.

  • Yeah to be honest I've had them less since he listened to my heart, I'm still getting them but not as intensely.. or maybe I am but just less aware? Damn anxiety and it's bullshit!! 👀🖤

  • Considering the biggest muscle in the body is the heart and the one mineral that muscles need to perform at peakness is Magnesium, and​ as some one suggested potassium plus calcium but more so Magnesium. Also sodium and no not table salt but sea salt is also important.

    When you have a heart attack, stroke or mega asthma attack, in hospital they put you on a Magnesium IV drip.

  • I would check with the doctor. You might have tachycardia, which is not dangerous but can be unpleasant - especially if you have anxiety and it makes you more anxious. There is a medication that you can take to prevent tachycardia. It controls the pulse rate. I am taking it and my pulse rate is consistently around 65. I haven't noticed any skipped heart beats or flutters since I have been taking the medication. Also, skipped heart beats are quite common. However, I would encourage you to check with a medical doctor, or even a cardiologist - who will reassure you that tachycardia is more of a nuisance than anything else.

  • I got checked :) read above ^=* I actually have a slow heart rate so I doubt it's that but cheers ^^

  • That night I was having a terrible panic attack but usually my heart rests between 35-50 which I have also got checked out, I'm just super active and small, my heart doesn't need to pump as much blood aparantly, I still freak out about it but it makes sense, I'm 5"3 about 115lbs and do intense cardio 5 days a week along with having a busy lifestyle 🖤

  • Hi, my new Dr gave me Amitryptiline for my fibro pain (it may yet be ahlers danlos) I have noticed a significant difference in my heart palpitations & chest pains are much less regular.

    My pain is also different, though not gone.

  • I have fibro too but have 2 children and amitryptiline was making me too exhausted to do anything, I'm on sertraline now and I've noticed it's gotten significantly better :)

  • Yes, it worries me that on a night it seems to knock me out for a couple of hours though I have still been waking at about two or three to check on my 4month old & 2 year old. But then I struggle to get up again at 6 for the early feed & to taxi my hub to trainstation then older ones to school. I can't say if the dizziness is caused by the pills as I already have those symptoms as well as the fatigue.

    I know how worrying it is when you are having pains & heart palps, nothing abnormal ever seems to come up on the tachio thingy & bloods have only shown slight vitD deficiency. I tend to have low blood pressure so that could cause dizziness but I don't feel like a total zombie on these (I don't think) & I am lucky enough to have a hubby who helps & even cooks dinner etc after a days work if I'm having a bad day & he's dropped his hours down to help while the little ones are young.

    I may ask about the sertraline, has it helped with the pain as well??

  • Heart palpitations, flutters, missed beats and nausea cam back with an absolute vengeance tonight its horrendous, it woke me out of my sleep and I've been laying here with my heart ounching me in the chest every few seconds and sometimes a bug flutter, my mouth is dry and I feel absolutely awful and nauseas as fuck :( no idea what's going on soooo I guess sertraline isn't working as well as I thought, your husband sounds lovely, I wish I had one lol ^^

  • Oh, they have their drawbacks too! Lol. I hope that the palps have calmed down now :( is there any possibility you are pregnant? Mine were at their worst then & its so scary trying to stay calm through them. Big hugs

  • No calming down on the heart front yet, it's so weird, really don't understand what it's all about, I'm convinced there's something else going on , but that just sends me in to a cycle of anxiety so I'm trying to ignore it, I'm so nauseas it's unreal, it almost feels like I have a vomiting bug, no chance of being pregnant at all, it's super hard when I haven't had any sleep and I have things to do, damn fucking anxiety xo👍🏻

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