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whats going on

okay i have been dealing with allot of stressful things in this year..firstly i seperated from my husband..we tried again about 3 times but nothing seems to work for us. I resigned from my job as the owner oh my goodness what a yes stressfull stuff. Im conteplating on moving away but yeah im having difficulty with just letting go off stuff i know isnt good for me..trying something new. just take a lwap of faith, no i have to overthink everything. I do have 2 little girls and they are my first priority and seeing that daddy only helps when he can not that he doesnt get a good salary but he comes first like always...i dont even wana bad mouth him but here i can vent atleast.well problem his my anxiety has been crazy..during the day its the minor pains i always get chest pains and so but like now its when i try to sleep at night..i try to fall asleep then its like something is pulling me out than pains everywhere in my chest and back i start having earpains aswell. i feel so much pain and discomfort around my chest its like tight then shooting then just pressure on borh sides my back also would ache so badly all these pains wake me up also than i would just lie there in pain. i got some magnesuim but onlt took one the other day..the whole day i felt like im was cooking inside thought maybe its the mag pill so now im too scared to take it again?

usually im so positive but today i just feel so tired.

Please Lord give us peace today

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Had similar but for different reason as had tests other six months for cancer and two bereavements in that period of time and ended up with stress related anxiety. Feels like your in a constant washing machine of thoughts which affects your ability to concentrate on anyone thing as you have so many thoughts racing through your head. My ability to sleep properly decreased over all that time which ended up at between two and 4 hours a night as I felt so awake but increasingly tired. In the end kept breaking into tears, and it didn't take much to do so. Physically kept getting headaches, gurgling stomachs, acid reflux, headaches and as it got worse shakey when under pressure.

I left it too long really, but recognised there was a problem, as most folk will say you are the last to recognise there's an issue.

Learning to clear your mind and how to relax is the biggest one for me, first step was seeing my GP I felt a bit daft about it but they are very understanding, I was referred for coucilling at a local wellbeing clinic and offered pills (prosaic) to deal with the anxiety, I didn't go for the pills as didn't want to be chemically numbed.

The councillor was very good handed me a sheet of paper with 8 thought processes on it to see if I could relate to any of them, I could relate to all of them ! Yep it was anxiety and I had got into a decreasing spiral of negative thought all down to what had happened to me or around me over the past two years not the past 6 months that I thought. Being able to download your thoughts and talk about them to someone in confidence was the biggest weight of the shoulders, I felt better just for being able to do that. Next was doing a 30 minute walk or exercise each day, having to make time for it each day does take some discipline, then setting your sleeping patterns by going to bed at set times and getting up at set times, hard to do to begin with due to the relaxation problem. What I found for that was grounding meditation and breathing exercises which does relax you, I was a bit sceptical to begin with but I found it on you tube took my iPad up to bed when I needed to sleep and just laid back and listened to it and did as instructed, I never heard the end of the 20 minute programs ! Even the quilt felt heavy I was getting so relaxed, it's worth giving it a go as I found improved sleep quickly improved how I felt, it was the biggest healer of all.

Over 4 months and after councilling I feel heck a lot better now than I did.

Wish I seeked help earlier, but that's a bloke thing ! Hope that helps, but you have made the biggest step knowing there's a problem.

Good luck.



thanks for the reply Trev i know i have a problem yes and seeking for a counselor to help with this and how to cope. i was actually told that i have anxiety in 2013 but my first panic attack was in 2011 i didnt know it was a panic attack as i really didnt know anything about panic attacks and anxiety..thats changed !! i should of gone for help sooner as well pills is also not a option for glad to hear your doing better and will try some of your relaxing methods, heck ive tried everything else ...was thinking of hypnosis as well but im not to sure about that?


Hi T hear hear.... I like your reply it makes good reading. I have a very similar CV ! Your right, you just don't realise what is happening for a considerable period of time, and the symptoms are often difficult to feel and pin down..its just that somewhere something doesn't feel right, and can take a long or a short time to appear. Dizziness, foginess, nervousness in gatherings are all a-typical. I have listened to a couple of audiobooks off the net, on anxiety, and also general "positive life" books, that have helped a lot. Nurturing and building, no matter how slowly bit-by-bit each day, and more happy, positive outlook is a big step in the right direction. I also avoid the tablets, and make sure I eat and drink well.


Tension is the devil. Basically anywhere there's muscles is a potential problem area when you're stressed for any length of time. I hate it and even knowing what it is still doesn't always help me cope.


no i know it doesnt helo me either. This morning i had this sharp stabbing pain in my forehead but it wasnt inside my head more like on the surface it was so weird never had this before..i wake up these days thinking of anxiety first and here we go again! so i kinda set myself up for more...its just these last couble of weeks has been like even thinking of starting meds something i really dont want to do but im so tired and being a mom of 2 small girls they need me to smile to play and be mommy that always playes with them even though some days i just want to sit in my room alone and cry because the pain and fear is so hectic.

God knows im trying to be the best me that i can but anxiety wont allow it


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