Dizzy, rocking swaying sensation, can anxiety really cause this?

Hi everyone

I'm new here. I hope everyone is well. I'm having a hard time believing anxiety can cause dizziness, with a rocking like on a boat sensation. I've had this now for years, but it stopped for about 5 years and just recently returned. Initially upon it starting I was diagnosed with BPPV and treated for it. Well when it came back in July this year, I went back to my primary care doc and he said it was back and sent me back to physical therapy where I had 2 more eply maneuvers done and some neck therapy. THen I went to my neuorologist who I saw 5 years ago for bad headaches with neck pain and dizziness, he did trigger point injections and that stopped it. Well now it back and it was bad and its calmed some but still there. I am hypothyroid and those levels have been up and down and when that happen the anxiety can go off the charts. I was also diagnosed about 14 years ago with anxiety disorder. Since this dizziness has come back I can't seem to accept that its anxiety and my thyroid levels being off. I have a very hard time believing doctors. Odd thing is when I saw them all this time none of them wanted to check my brain, they said you are ok and its the BPPV and stress and anxiety making it all worse. So I headed back to my psychologist and looking back when I saw her 5 years ago I had exactly the same things with the exception I was also going thru menopaus.

My question is can anxiety really cause all this dizziness with neck pain and headaches. I have other symptoms but as the years have passed I've learned to get past them. I am a complete worrier. This symptom seems to come out of no where. I can be happy and then stand up to do something like was dishes and wham, or lay down to sleep and there it feels like I'm on a wave, or just be sitting and watching a tv and bam, rocking dizziness. Usually before it hits, my neck and head will hurt some. Ijust can't seem to believe that anxiety can contribute to it.

If anyone has dizziness, with head and neck pain and anxiety, or just anyone who can help me understand it could you please respond.



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  • I don't have neck pain but I have a bad case of depersonalization. When I lie down at night it gets worse. I feel like I am rocking like a wave. Bobbing up and down. Sometimes i feel like i am on a roller coaster and its terrible. And my feet feel rubbery and my legs are weird and shaky. I hope we get well soon. I'm looking for a cure but I find nothing. But when I see so many of us suffering and getting through the day it gives me hope that one day we will get better :) hope you feel fine soon.

  • Hi. I too have suffered with similar symptoms minus the thyroid issue. Like a drunken sailor at times. It comes and goes. I have noticed that my headaches and dizziness could be sinus related. My headaches...a lot of headaches....seem to be in nasal area and work up into forehead. I have been having a problem for five weeks now with my right ear and a feeling like I have a mild cold all the time. My right ear feels full and like when you get water in it only this won't pop open. Saw my ENT and he said there was fluid behind the eardrum. So he put me on strong steroids which did not help, I still have the ear problem. I'm a worrier too and he said if this doesn't work after a month I will have to do an endoscope to be sure there are no growths in there...well, that freaked me out and now all I can think about is OMGosh, is-this is a tumor ....my neighbors daughter is dying from brain tumors and she's only 47 years old. I think that all the worrying and fear and health anxiety are partly to blame for my imbalance feelings. I too can feel fine one moment then horrid the next. I'm full of what ifs and fear. I know that fear is a horrible emotion and does nothing more than make your mole hills into huge mountains.

    So, FLgirl, I really understand what you are going thru. I'm guessing FL girl means Florida...I too live there and wonder if the barometric pressure, humidity and allergies have more to do with it than we realize. My ear issue began when the hurricane was looming offshore.

    Take care.

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