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My body feels so sore. I have a headache with the dizziness. I get jaw pain. My stomach has been up and down all day. I get back pain that wraps around to my chest. I was actually told by my doctor that my muscles are inflamed. I also have an inflamed stomach and a lot of acid.. And my anxiety is stronger than ever. I seriously feel like something is wrong but have been told nothing is seriously wrong and a lot of it is anxiety. So hard to accept 😭


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  • Mine mainly comes in the form of headaches and stomach issues. I know its hard Rissa. I put a cool, wet washcloth behind my neck and I listen to very calmimg music. I also drink fresh warm chamomile tea to help. It doesn't fix the problem but I do get slight relief, enough to calm myself from having a full blown panic attack. You've been really kind to me, even through your own struggles, so I know you are a very beautiful strong person and I believe in you.

  • Awh thank you that was very kind ☺ I try and help people when I myself have my own problems and struggle every single day to the point where I could just curl up in a ball and give up. With each day passing im not sure if im getting better or worse Lol. But thank you. You yourself sound like a very beautiful strong person

  • Yes I totally hear you, I am the same. I feel ya on the not knowing if its getting better or 🙄It will be ok for us. It will...the universe will guide us through no matter how bad it can feel.

  • I can only hope so ☺

  • Me too. I know it. There are too many miracles in this world to not believe we will one day recover or at least manage better. I am 31, been in this struggle since 18...what about you?

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