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Xanax xr 0.5 mg - how often can I take it?


After 2+ years xanax free and slowing lowering my dose of Zoloft, I have bad anxiety again. Please remind me how long it takes for the xanax xr to start working. I am just going by my old dose of 0.5mg every 4-6

Hours but, I am not sure if it is enough as it isn't really doing much

More than taking the edge off but the anxiety is still almost unbearable.

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Hi momwifedaughter, That sounds like the proper dosage. Can't believe it's not helping you. I only taking a half of .025 twice a day, and a whole one before bed. 0.05 would knock me out. I think your anxiety is really bad. Might take a couple days of taking them to calm you down. What's your symptoms? Ruby🌹

Honestly, I ammamnxious about being anxious. I've been an anxious person all

My life and it got progressively worse after each of my 2 children. After my son was born I was diagnosed with ppd and a psychiatrist put me on Zoloft which eventually got up to 100mg a day. And, xanax xr 0.5 mg every 4-6 hours. At first I was taking it literally every 4 hours and no, it didn't make me sleepy. I am a teacher and I worked with it in my system.

Recently my uncle committed suicide and while I was pretty anxious before that - I was controlling it on my own with only the 25mg of Zoloft that I had weaned myself too.

I stopped going to the psychiatrist b/c my insurance wouldn't pay and it was so expensive. I am

Currently trying to find another that will take my insurance.

I constantly feel that there are butterflies in my stomach x10000,

Nauseous and fighting

Back tears all the time. The 0.5 mg xanax does take away the urge to cry and helps with the nausea but that awful

Butterfly feeling is still there.

Thank you so much for your reply.

I also have the crying problem. I think of sad things and just cry my heart out. That probably started since the terrible suicide of your uncle. I also have started talking to myself. Don't know if that's crazy, but it helps me. My stomach also feels terrible. Don't care if I eat. Music helps me a lot. Always someone here to chat. Plus you're welcome to pm me anytime. How old are your kids? Ruby🌹

Thanks ruby. Yes the suicide is weighing on me more so b/c of how it is affecting my dad they have farmed together their whole life.

My kids are 3 (boy) and 5 (girl)

Do you have kids?

You should call your doc, but if I am at my worst I need to take two 0.5 tabs at once to kill off the anxiety. I usually have to sleep with that much in my system.

I am

Currently trying to find a new psychiatrist that will take my insurance. But, I remember the old one telling me that I could take 2 at a time. Do you usually do this before bed? Then how long befor you take another one?

I have had to do it in the daytime and just battle the tired feeling. I would much, much rather be tired than anxious, so I choose the tired battle. If you take that much at night, it definitely helps you go to sleep.

So if you take the 0.5 mg two at once then do you take anymore or does that last you 24 hours?

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