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If I got off xanax xr before?


Surely I can do it again right? Before I was taking 2-3mg per day until my Zoloft got regulated at 150. I got myself off the xanax xr on my own by just needing it less and less. Then before I knew it I was taking 150 of Zoloft and NO xanax xr

I did that for 2 years.

Then I started weaning off the Zoloft and my panic comeback full force

So I had some xanax xr left. I started taking it. I got up to 2 1/2 mg per day. Then, started upping my Zoloft. I'm back up to 150mg Zoloft today.

My new doc didn't want me on the xanax xr so she prescribed hydroxyzine which makes me feel loopy.

My question is - if I successfully got off the xanax xr one time I can do it again right?

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Momwifedaughter, it's never a good idea to wean off meds by yourself. The fact that you weaned off Xanax xr once before doesn't necessarily mean it can be successful this time. The reason being you started weaning off your 150 mg Zoloft only to have to go back up again. Getting back up to 2.5 mg of Xanax again may be more difficult this time. When weaning it is better to go real slow with cuts then to have to go back and increase. My suggestion would be to ask your doctor the best way and least amount of kick back to fully get back off Xanax xr. I wish you luck. It is not easy.

Ahhh yes. So I have discovered. Thank you for your reply.

Just a note: It took me a little over 2 years to get off 30 years of 0.25mg Xanax. It has now been another 2 years that I am free of Xanax. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I wish you well.

Wow. You must be an incredibly strong person.

How did you do it? This anxiety is so debilitating.

More like incredibly determined to get off the merry go round of drugs. PM me if you'd like and I could go into further detail..

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