Fighting my sleep

For some reason am fighting my sleep right now I keep thinking if I pass out I ant waking up ever my anxiety attack is getting the best of me ugh I keep having the fear am going to die or something bad like that I took my xanax like a hour ago is it all in my head I need to know the doctors say nothing is wrong its all in my h head but I keep feeling other wise is this really my anxiety doing this???


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11 Replies

  • Anxiety at its best my friend... I go through it on a daily basis, and trust me it will pass... I know it's easy to tell you "hey, it'll pass buddy, it's all good".... When you're experiencing a full blown panic attack nothing anyone tells you sounds convincing... It does go away, and always remember that NO ONE has EVER died from a panic attack... Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth... Slowly, don't breathe to fast because you'll make yourself light headed, and that will intensify the attack... Raise your shoulders while breathing in through your nose, then slowly lower your shoulders while breathing out your mouth... Try listening to some relaxing music, or sounds of thunderstorms or rain while trying to sleep... Flex your entire body while laying down, give it a good flex... Hold the flex for a few seconds, then slowly release the flex, this is a body tension exercise it helps you relax... Things will get better you'll be ok buddy

  • Thanks Yea I just worries am going to be like this forever but they just started me on paxil so I hope it gets better

  • I have taken paxil in the past and it worked great. I used to have the same feeling you did and I would fight sleep every night. Worse feeling ever. But the paxil should take effect in a couple of weeks and falling a sleep will be much easier.

  • you just have to realize nothing is going to happen the best was to deal with it just accept that sometimes you have anxiety and it is beyond your control from now on you have to accept anything like just tell your self it is anxiety speaking not me

  • Deffo love I've had panick attacks for over 35 years I wake up gasping for air. Frighten the hell out my partner I grab him as fear of god goes through me. N I'm still here fighting this curse. I'm 49 had my first attack at 14 years old I can remember it like yesterday. No cure just have to learn to live with it love. I say to myself I've felt this before and nothing happened bless you. Take care xx

  • Maybe this will help ir does me when an attack comes in ni matter where it when.

    Think of 5 things you can see

    4 things you can touch

    3 things you can hear

    2 things you can smell

    And 1 thing you can taste xxxx

  • James , this might not at first seem very consoling but if you think about it ,it might ease your worry about not waking up.

    The song by Kenny Rogers called "The Gambler" contains quite a bit of sound advice, not just about poker. One of its wiser lines is "and the best you can hope for is to die in your sleep."

    James dean suggests you are not that old but at 70 plus one becomes aware of the wisdom of this line, which is just as wise and true for any age. Mind you it is quite important to be relaxed and happy when you go to sleep but it might help in this to remember that the best any human can hope for "is to die in your sleep." The alternatives are less appealing.

    However I do wish you a long and happy life before that.


  • Jamesdean87 I been going through the samething like now it keep playing in my head that same thing and its like I cannot get it out of my head every now and then it will clear then its back again I am back and forth to the doctor I dnt know what to do

  • I know that feeling but try and get some meds or therapy I've been doing both for a few weeks now it's seems to be working...

  • Jamesdean87 I was on paxil but them wasn't for me do u know of something that I can get

  • I know there is other one just have to ask your doctors

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