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I've been stupid! Over dosed on iron

Hi All,

Because I have felt so unwell for so long, I have been taking supplements and eating well to try and do something for myself. I started taking some iron as my hair has been falling out and I read that and protien is good for your hair, so not only supplementing, but eating steak sometimes as well, which I haven't done in years. I am only a small person, weight about 9 st.

Anyway at work last Friday I felt dizzy and had really strong rapid heart beat, felt it was going to jump out of my chest, scared me...ended up in the cardiac calmed down, the hospital said eveything was ok and discharged me. It wasn't until I got home I thought about the iron, googled it and they all said the same, how dangeros it culd be and rapid heart beat. I have since spoken to two GP's who have both said no it wouldnt be the iron...and yet it says so on the NHS website!! Also one of the docs agreed with me that because I was having black/green stools that the excess iron was being excreted by my body! How can thy say no and then say that?!

The medical system drives me crazy....and you do have to be careful about not getting labelled withthe "anxiety label!"

I don't know for sure that i was the iron, but it was the only thing that I had done different, I have to go on a 24hr heart monitor now. I have had little blips in the past, but have put that down to being panicked.

Anyone know what I am talking about?

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Why don't you just get your iron checked?


I am having a blood test tomorrow...


Ok, that's great, and never call yourself stupid, because you are not. We all try to help ourself in different ways when doctors don't listen to us, that's the only thing we know to do.


You are so right, I have been battling for so long I am tired.

Just trying to help myself and didn't realise the dangers.

I am seeing a Neurologist tomorrow.


It's not enough to get a simp,e routine blood need a Ferritin test, if it's high then you need a Ferritin saturation test in case you are storing the excess iron in your liver, pancreas and vital organs.

A emetic test if your reading is above 150.

Good luck.


Should read genetic test....all my family store excess iron, it's a genetic condition but not known by many GP''s easily treated...if untreated you may experience palpiations, irregular heartbeats, pain under the right ribs, headaches, sore aching joints-eventually needing replacement knees and hips, liver spleen and pancreas just goes on....the test costs the NHS 40p to do, it's ridiculous that it is not included in the routine blood test.

There are thousands of people in pain when they don't have to be if treated early.

Be assertive..ask for Ferritin blood test...good luck.


Ask for a Ferritin blood test may have ?Iron overload-Heamachromatosis- as I have- sounds like it to me...a routine blood test will not show it up so ask for a Ferritin test...the reading should be between 20-150.

Your symptoms are almost the same as mine were. Message me if you want to know more about overload and how it is dealt t's not too bad...better than the alternatives.



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