Sleep anxiety or what?

I haven't been able to sleep in ages at night. I lied down in bed yesterday at 1 am and woke with a rapid heart beat and a terrible panic attack at 3 am. So today I had to wake up early with only 7 hours of fitful sleep. I was feeling gassy all day and I had pizza. I didn't feel it satisfy my hunger and then I was so nauseous I vomited and passed watery stools. I went to my GP he said I had food poisoning. And now I feel palpitations and shaky feelings. And I feel so sleepy but I am so scared of waking up to a racing heart and a heavy body. Once I have a panic attack my body gets so so heavy I can't tell. It's hard to move my feet. Please help.


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  • Most likely it is anxiety but you have to undergo complete check up ecg, echo, thyroid function tests, rft .most of all you must relax and healthy life style

  • I had a complete blood test. It was normal. Thyroid was normal. No anemia. The doctors say it's anxiety. Anxiety is ruining my life. And idk how to control it.

  • Last night I also was awoken to a racing Heart of 100bpm this hasn't happened to me for a while but it was very scary and I feel quite on edge today.

    The best thing to do is distraction but that can be very hard for me as it's always in the back of my head. Feel better soon :)

  • I try distraction too. But when I am panicked its like my mind loses the ability to think rationally. And thinks irrationally.

  • I know it's very hard yesterday I had a weird episode with my head like a buzz in my head and ear and I have not been able to stop dwelling on it, however i have had some moments where it's completely out of my mind and then I realize I feel better, until I remember again. Another thing that sometimes work is accepting so say to your self I don't care about this feeling it doesn't bother me it's just anxiety and try to relax your body completely by just sort of flopping into the couch. Have you read hope and help for your nerves by Claire weekes? That's a good book

  • I read at last a life by Paul David. It really helped me. Except with the bouncy feelings. They dont go away. Abd the depersonalization. Thats terrible. It's like my Mind is frozen and can't think rationally and I feel numb in the head. Like I exist only in some small part the rest is alien. And my sleep cycle is terrible. Everytime i try to right it, it goes wronggg

  • Your sleep cycle is s big factor

  • I have no idea how to correct it. I tried sleeping at 1am and I wake up with shaking tterribly with lightheadedness and cold feet and this feeling of doom that I don't try the next time. It always happens. and I get into the routine for a few days and then it's bad again.

  • Sorry I didn't finish the above. Sleep cycle is a big factor have you been to the doctor for help maybe some sleeping medication? I think Claire weekes book would help you too, look into it. I also had DR/DP and I felt in real like an alien too I didn't feel like a woman it was really disgusting feelings. It is much better now and I had it for months on end, now it happens for very short periods I just brush it off now. I have a great article on it I can post the link if you like?

  • Yes that will be really greattt. I'm struggling since agess. I'll be so grateful. And thank you :')

  • It's very long but it helped me greatly

  • It's not opening the link :s

  • Would you also kindly post the link to me-Thanks

  • Hi there see reply with link below

  • My life was blighted by panic attacks palpitations and worrying about everything There are many features on YouTube about breathing and relaxation techniques Many of which are recommended by professional CBT Councillor s

    What helped me the most is realising you are not going to be harmed or Actually Die because of these symptoms ......its your body stressing about being stresses Its a vicious circle which can be controlled by Calming your thoughts and slowing your breathing Its really effective if you practice A good time to practice is in bed when you want to go to sleep If you wake up flustered ....go for a week and do your breathing technique Tell yourself you are fine and ready to go back to sleep and you will feel much better

    All the very Best to you


  • Thanks for replying and for good wishes and advice.. The link is very good and has a lot of food for thought

    All the best to you too!!!!

  • This is a link to an old post of mine that has the link to the article

  • Seven hours of sleep at night, fitful or not, is almost unimaginable to me. I haven't slept any longer than three and a half hours per night in the whole of my adult life and I was a poor sleeper whilst growing up my Mother told me. Maybe when your body is beginning to feel sleepy then let it whilst in your mind repeating something like'I'll be fine, I'll be fine, I'll be fine', a simple letting go. The more you worry, the greater your problems will become.

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