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Is it because of Iron Deficiency?

About 3 months ago I started to feel shakes, like i was going to faint, head pressure, light headed, sick when going out places. It then started when i was at home, just watching tv and sitting down, so I went to the doctors and they said that it sounded like i was deficient in something. I had a set of blood tests done and it came back that I am very low on iron and vitamin D. For the last 2 months I have been taking supplement tablets for this. However since I have been to the doctors I have been feeling worse and anxiety has been really bad. But I have started feeling really weird, like i don't belong and the world isn't real. I don't know what to do or who to trust.. I don't want to feel this way forever. It just doesn't feel right and feels like somethings missing. Is this derealization or depersonalization? Is it because of my iron deficiency? I am only 21 and have never felt like this before. I feel a bit better just before i go to sleep, but then when i wake up i feel so bad and sad and just feels so heavy on me, i don't know which way to turn.

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Omg i been feeling the same way ..i believe some of it cam be anxiety and iron deficiancy i had my bloodwork done n i was told my iron was normal low ..11.1 wtf is normal low ..i just got on health insurance im so sick of this anxiety depression physical symtoms. Im just over it ughhhhhjj


Lyme and Babesia. I am treating this now. Find a Lyme Literate Doctor! Know that the tests aren't great, both are clinical diagnoses. Dr Horowitz has a great book about this. I went to multiple Drs. before one figured it out. You will want to start treatment soon, as currently I can't even drive due to the building symptoms. Babesia causes anemia.


Hello :)

I've just been told I've got low b12 ( iron).

I've been prescribed b12 tablets and have to take them for 3mths.

I do feel so much better now :) xx


Thanks for your replies. I think the doctor said that my b12 was fine. I've been taking my iron tablets for just under 3 months and vitamin d tablets around 2 months. Will have another blood test to see how it's going and see if its going up or not. So do you think its to do with my low iron?


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