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Today was an OK day I was with my family but it was just kind of not feeling right my mom had made tamales and my aunt has been in the hospital her sister so she's not doing so good so my mom was trying to enjoy but she really wasn't because she is stressed out because of her sister and so it was just hectic in the my anxiety was coming along I don't know why I was not nervous or anything I just I don't know what's going on at first I felt like anxious and then it stopped and then I just got this weird sensation on my neck and it felt like I was going to fall and drop like if my heart was going to stop my heart wasn't going fast or anything that's the word for it and I felt super light headed so I thought maybe it was my blood pressure but I don't know what's going on I feel a lot better when I lay down but when I stand I feel it again maybe it's just too much for the day I mean I've been knowing about my aunt hasn't been doing good and she does do good and then she doesn't so I'm just stressed out because my mom stressed out and I know she can't really do much because my aunt lives in Colorado and we live in California song and then it's the holidays and I'm just hoping that my aunt will pull through and everything will be fine so tired right now it's not feeling good as I speak it's just like my chest area and I don't know my heart feels weak but I know it's really not and I know it's probably just in my mind maybe I just need to relax or something I'm not sure what it is but I don't get me wrong I had a very good day spent really good time with my family and he was warming it would have been nicer if my husband would have been there but he had to work so I mean he gets off early tonight so I can't wait to have him home so I can cuddle with him it's just the food was great room cocktail tamales Mexican rice beans gravy oh so awesome I just couldn't sit still because of my anxiety I try drinking a beer but I didn't finish it I threw it away I didn't want to risk anything I drink hot water with lemon and kind of help for a little bit and then it came back so I just hope tomorrow is a better day only receive better news and I hope I can feel better by tomorrow I have a lot to do some yes God is great families great food was great I just pray that my aunt is doing better or gets better I really do in God's name amen

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Dear Crystal, God bless you. I'm praying for healing and strength for you and your family . With God evertjong is possible. Stay strong, pray about everything, eat healthy and get your rest ,

Thank you i appreciate it im trying to sleep but i cant this anxiety is messen with me

Crystal, with God all things are possible and I'm praying for you. Read Psalm 91 it talks about being under God's protection and Psalm 139 about God knowing everything about you as His precious creation. Take care.

Hi crystal, I hope everything turns out okay for you and your family, I will pray for you. I'm sure all the hectic vibes are causing you to feel anxious, but if i were you I'd try to distance myself from it if possible. A little over a year ago I was dealing with the same things you were I would tell my mom everyday "it feels like my heart is getting weak" "it feels like it's slow" "now it feels like it's too fast" I thought my heart would just stop beating but it was mind being completely irrational. I'm still here today and I can assure you that if you've had an echocardiogram aka heart test and everything is normal then I it's nothing to worry about. It says your 28 years old, I'm sure you are a very healthy young lady! Your mind is playing tricks on you and forcing you to believe something is wrong when it's very highly not. I'm 20 years and I had every symptom imaginable last year I was scared of everything. It turns out all the things I was worrying about was useless you will be fine I can promise you. God has given me complete healing, and I don't want to force religion on you but healing services and church saved my life, many people have prayed for me, priests have prayed over me and I'm 100% better today and I never thought I would be. God bless.

Hello crystal 88 it sounds like you had a lot to deal with on thus day x but sounds like you delt with everything very well x perhaps cause you had to stay strong as your mum was there and you had to make sure that she was ok x although you had a few symptoms going on you done very well x x also you said your husband was there x but I think maybe uf he had if been there you wouldn't delt with the situation as well as you did x you would if let him step into take control of your mum maybe x but you done that really well that day x so that's another day you been stronger than before x one step further fir you x don't let your brain rule your body x tell this anxiety you haven't got time for it x lol x take care darling x have a lovely Christmas x

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