Hello everyone ! Well today was OK until I got up to go to the store and my left arm was hurting it still is a little bit going back and forward the kind of feels like arthritis but not really sure if it's my arm so I was kinda panicky but then again I don't I was ok but as I was taking the garbage out once I got home I felt like I was going to fall I just don't get it these cardiologist get paid good money but then they say there's nothing wrong but why would you feel the way you do like there's gotta be another solution ther not keepimg focus on the topic u feel bad all the time i had called last night to a online provider because i wasnt feeling good! But they never got me and its not the first time either !! So i called this morning they sounded so damb irrated that i call so much my appointment is nov4. So they called me to go in tomorroe at 330! Thank god i asked them.if it was urgent! I need to talk to the dr personaly ! Even tho he might not like what i have to say ! But if theres nothing completely wrong with me why would i feel the way i do i felt like my heart was slowing down i try to do yoga relaxing thing it helps but instead of my heart rate going a bit up it doesnt and stays like that and i feel dizzy and my heart rate feels like its going low. Im tired of buying all kinds of vitamins my anxiety is not so bad any more its like the blood pressure or something is not right that is affecting my heart! Its not in my head i domt think about it at all i keep my self busy and all of a sudden it will appear ! And its stoping me from doing what i need to do im a mom of 2 and a wife this is affecting me big time !!!!


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  • Crystal88, good luck with your appointment tomorrow. I hope you get some answers that will reassure you. My best. x

  • Thank u so much i feel like crap uhg i hope they understand me

  • I totally understand your frustration. It's like you know your body more than anybody including these damn doctors who claim to know everything. I say never let up. Trust me I'm the same way. And it's like yes we have kids and a life that we once had that we were living. Can we get back to this already?!!!!

  • Yes its the new docotrs that dont try to help the old one did now rhere dien lil by lik. I feel like crap i cant even sleep at night my anxiety is fine but my heart feels like its going to stop pauses then goes agian im gasping for air a bit uhg i hate this

  • If your heart is ok I suggest CTP therapy and CBT therapy. 13 weeks for CTP and 6 months for CBT but within the 8th session of CBT you will be able to tell a huge difference. I have had 8 panic attacks this week alone, vertigo episodes, heart palpalations, hot flashes, elevated BP, but I'm in class right now chillin and working daily 16 hours a day. When these started I had panic over everything and anything. CBT showed me it's all in my head and anxiety loves playing tricks on you but regardless how bad it gets I don't take the bait. I embrace it.

  • Ya it is scary the weird part i dont think about it i havent had a panic attack in 4 months now thank god but my heart feels weak and pauses to what it seams i have an appointment today we shsll see whay they say

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