I don't know how much longer I can take this

My heart's been acting very weird feels like someone squeezing it and side it hurts a little bit it's kind of hard to breathe through my throat I'm trying so hard not to panic I'm glad my husband getting off in an hour 430 minutes I hope that he can take me to the ER I know he had planned for tonight but I just can't do this no more it feels like my heart's going to stop it's not even going fast I just don't know what to do I call my aunt tomorrow good people they say it looks normal but why do I feel like this please God help me


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  • Anxiety strikes again.

  • I don't really know if it's anxiety it probably is but my heart is this being so weird and now my stomach really hurts and I run out of Ginger so it really sucks but I'm still alive thank you God

  • These are the words of anxiety, but difficult to change

  • I know just feel like my heart's going to stop but my cardiologists already said that I don't have a heart problem I do have a heart murmur butt nothing that will kill me I just wish I could resolve it. Normally does it but for some reason today it's not working

  • So there you have it. It's just a feeling and doesn't represent anything bad happening

    Go for a walk distract yourself

  • Do you have anxiety

  • Yes, big time, 3 years close to suicide. Seeing a therapist every week. Suicidal thoughts every day for all that time, so probably not to be trusted

  • Wow that's crazy I haven't started 4 months and not that bad but I can really feel it in my heart area like my chest feels so anxious and it's just crazy and so bad right now like I can't sit still my stomach really hurts I made dinner and I'm not even eating it either and I feel so sick to my stomach I'm sorry to hear about your anxiety does the therapy helped you

  • No. The only things are exercise and distraction. Also mindfullness to try and divert or stop some of this thinking. The brain can be a tormenting torture.

  • Yes I know I don't think about anything or just about anything I did at one point because I didn't have my own spot but I cook and clean and do that stuff and sometimes when I do ask you stuff like that I thought it was like I'm going to fall I need to lay down I lay on my stomach and it helps me feel better I can't be always cold all the time and it just sucks cuz it's really ruining my life

  • Somehow you have to get out of your head and into things outside yourself. Working volunteering taking an interest in the news stop introspective ruminations. Accept that your physical health is good and trust in God

  • I do trust in God I have faith in God and myself but sometimes it's just so hard to get to this on your only and sometimes it's hard for you to even be comfortable to eat with this going on it sucks I'm trying to eat right now and it's not really working because my anxiety is going stupid butthead and I appreciate everything you've told me so far

  • Hello x yes I know where your coming from x have experienced all that x anxiety is a terrible thing to deal with x I have had panic attacks for 23 years on going x then anxiety crept in february this year z I felt so bad x had all different tests to see what was wrong with me z all tests came back ok x so now I'm thinking I have to train my brain to think differently not easy x 😊 x but i'm thinking uf they can't find anything wrong with me thars good x anxiety not going to kill me x so I need to get myself better x I went to anxiety meetings which really did help me x listening to other people problems what they where going through x it's now sept and I would say that I'm 85% better than I was x so just try keep positive and try to keep calm x read a book listen to calming music do some walking or exercise x it does help x just think it's not going to beat me x I'm in control if my brain x my brain is not in control of me x you take care and good luck x nit easy x

  • Thank you for stopping by leaving a comment yes it's definitely not easy to deal with thank you for stopping by the mini comment on yes it's definitely not easy to deal with but I am trying and I will look up to what you did to help you with your invited hopefully it works out for me this is crazy hella lot of people in this world can go to so much stuff and there's nothing doctors can really do but prescribed you medicine which I really don't take but thank you for stopping by and you take it also

  • Yes try not to take medfication from doctors x my doctor gave me 2 lots of medication and it made me a site worse than I was feeling x you don't expect to take tablets and feel worse than what you do x I'm sure you will get there x keep determined x good days and bad days x the bad days are getting less than what they were x

  • I know i wont i wonder how many ppls get threw this i hope i can learn too lol

  • Hello crystal

    hiw are you feeling today x are you getting your head a little straighter x how's your day been x

  • I hope all is well with you. I too sometimes find myself stressed and I get a strange chest pain, Mine is due too pleurisy pain. It feels like I am being stabbed each time I inhale or cough or sneeze. I hope you are ok. Take it easy.

  • Thats how mine was doing last i get scared because my dad past away a heart a attack 2007

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